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Personal injury news

Clear Answers, the brand, forms part of Thompsons Solicitors, the most experienced personal injury law firm in the UK. Our solicitors deal with a large number of accident claims, injury at work claims, and industrial disease cases, including many asbestos-related disease claims.

Details of some of these personal injury compensation claims are listed here in our News Section which is updated regularly. To view the full story please click on the description.


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News 2018

16th February 2018
Passenger of car awarded compensation after colliding with an oncoming vehicle

9th February 2018
Compensation awarded to passenger hit by HGV driver

2nd February 2018
Car passenger awarded compensation after road collision

25th January 2018
Compensation awarded to man who had an electric shock at work

19th January 2018
Woman receives compensation after sustaining burn injury during flight

15th January 2018
Compensation secured for worker who suffered needlestick injury

12th January 2018
Pedestrian receives compensation after head injury

News 2017

28th December 2017
Car passenger receives compensation after vehicle was hit from behind

20th December 2017
Man receives compensation after a car collision

14th December 2017
Compensation secured for man attacked at work

11th December 2017
Compensation secured for worker who slipped on decking

30th November 2017
Woman secures compensation after head injury at work

23rd November 2017
Compensation secured for woman struck by falling wood at work

15th November 2017
Woman awarded compensation after slipping in a pharmacy

9th November 2017
Woman awarded compensation after tripping in car park

3rd November 2017
Labourer awarded compensation after injury to finger at work

26th October 2017
Woman awarded compensation after slipping on ice at work

20th October 2017
Lollipop lady receives compensation after tripping on defective crossing

12th October 2017
Woman awarded compensation after suffering needle stick injuries at workplace

6th October 2017
Compensation secured for woman injured after tripping over a large pot hole

29th September 2017
Woman wins compensation after slipping on wet floor

22nd September 2017
Firefighter receives compensation for injuries after deploying hose

14th September 2017
Woman wins damages after a slipping in a supermarket

5th September 2017
Man wins compensation after tripping on grate

5th September 2017
Tug operator wins compensation after forklift truck collision

23rd August 2017
Man wins damages after colliding with pot hole

15th August 2017
Worker wins compensation after falling down metal stairs

4th August 2017
Window cleaner awarded compensation after chemical burn

25th July 2017
Compensation awarded to painter after fall from ladder

21st July 2017
Tennis player awarded compensation after fall

14th July 2017
Compensation awarded for airport injury

5th July 2017
Worker awarded compensation after slip in boiler room

23rd June 2017
Compensation awarded to victim of supermarket slip injury

9th June 2017
Damages won following animal farm fall

22nd May 2017
Damages won for seriously injured hospital worker

22nd May 2017
Damages for man wounded by dropped copper pipe

8th May 2017
Woman wins damages after finger fractured in animal attack

13th April 2017
Delivery man wins compensation after being bitten by dog

31st March 2017
Pizza driver wins compensation after being bitten by dog

24th March 2017
Girl wins compensation after being injured on holiday

16th March 2017
Man injured whilst disposing rubbish in the dark wins compensation

16th March 2017
Compensation awarded for victim of supermarket slip injury

10th March 2017
Compensation awarded for injured hotel receptionist

10th March 2017
Compensation awarded to dog walker who slipped over raised ledge

21st February 2017
Teacher wins compensation after being injured at sea

17th February 2017
Healthcare professional wins compensation after slipping on wet floor

13th February 2017
Assaulted care worker awarded compensation package

3rd February 2017
Compensation awarded for injured Tesco employee

23rd January 2017
Wet hostel worker wins compensation after violent attack

20th January 2017
Compensation awarded for assaulted care worker

20th January 2017
Warehouse operative wins compensation after suffering nose injury

10th January 2017
Factory worker wins compensation for bagging machine injury

9th January 2017
Workman injured by angle grinder wins compensation package

6th January 2017
Compensation awarded after ceiling collapses on person in toilet

3rd January 2017
Hospital worker awarded compensation after wet floor fall

3rd January 2017
Compensation awarded for hospital worker struck by bed

News 2016

15th December 2016
Hospital visitor awarded compensation after car park fall

9th December 2016
Retail manager awarded compensation following workplace back injury

9th December 2016
Compensation awarded after goalpost falls on child playing football

2nd December 2016
Compensation awarded to mother injured by falling baby changing unit

2nd December 2016
Car customer wins compensation for showroom accident

24th November 2016
Workman awarded compensation after being burned by industrial machine

23rd November 2016
Worker wins compensation after being pierced by used needle

17th November 2016
Man wins compensation due to poorly fitted road ramp

16th November 2016
Compensation awarded after man suffers head injury at gym

11th November 2016
Injured McDonalds worker awarded compensation

10th November 2016
Injured workman wins compensation after slipping on ice

9th November 2016
Compensation awarded to sales assistant injured by falling trolley

1st November 2016
Warehouse operative wins compensation after knife injury

28th October 2016
Workman wins compensation after tripping over box

28th October 2016
Warehouse worker wins compensation after cutting middle finger

19th October 2016
Charity worker wins compensation after falling into a pothole

18th October 2016
Crisp factory worker wins compensation after injurious fall

13th October 2016
Student wins compensation after being injured in local supermarket

12th October 2016
Injured airport worker secures compensation after moving plane scare

5th October 2016
Oven cleaner awarded compensation after severe eye injury

4th October 2016
Pregnant mother holding baby wins compensation after supermarket slip

27th September 2016
Worker wins compensation after toilet door collapse

26th September 2016
Compensation awarded for cleaner's concrete floor fall

20th September 2016
Elderly lady awarded compensation after falling in bathroom

26th August 2016
Compensation awarded to injured supermarket worker

25th August 2016
Claimant wins compensation after falling in fish pond

16th August 2016
Injured workman wins compensation

12th August 2016
Pub worker wins compensation after suffering electric shock

11th August 2016
Compensation won after injured woman's bingo-hall fall

4th August 2016
Prison worker awarded compensation following strain injury

3rd August 2016
Roofer wins compensation after serious drill accident

29th July 2016
Injured educator awarded compensation

29th July 2016
Compensation awarded for woman injured at party

21st July 2016
Workman awarded compensation after furniture store injury

15th July 2016
Assaulted workman wins compensation

13th July 2016
Chef wins compensation after suffering electric shock

11th July 2016
Elderly lady awarded compensation after injurious fall

20th June 2016
Compensation awarded following needlestick injury

10th June 2016
Hotel customer wins compensation after shower slip

3rd June 2016
Settlement reached for senior support worker

24th May 2016
Workman suffers eye injury

20th May 2016
Hospital cleaner awarded compensation after suffering laceration

13th May 2016
Warehouse operative wins compensation after accident at work

26th April 2016
Site inspector wins compensation claim after fall from scaffolding

20th April 2016
Health and safety breach results in injury for chef

15th April 2016
Factory worker awarded compensation following knee injury

1st April 2016
Fire alarm engineer awarded compensation following injury at work

24th March 2016
Compensation for injured support worker

24th March 2016
Fitness instructor fractures foot

23rd March 2016
Compensation for prison officer who was attacked

13th March 2016
Settlement reached after injury at petrol station

23rd February 2016
Train company employee awarded compensation after injury during protest

12th February 2016
Teacher compensated after classroom injury

5th February 2016
Vacationer awarded compensation after contracting food poisoning

29th January 2016
Hospital worker receives compensation following needle stick injury

22nd January 2016
Holiday-maker injured at hotel wins compensation

14th January 2016
Man compensated following fall

News 2015

21st December 2015
Disabled man awarded compensation after struggle with insurance company

17th December 2015
Legal assistant wins compensation following workplace injury

11th December 2015
Compensation awarded after pothole trip

4th December 2015
Compensation awarded to mother and child after slip in supermarket

2nd December 2015
Needlestick injury victim compensated

16th November 2015
Falling door causes workplace injury

6th November 2015
Production worker awarded compensation after workplace injury

30th October 2015
Fireman awarded compensation after being injured in equipment handling accident

22nd October 2015
Compensation awarded to woman who lacerated thumb

16th October 2015
Kitchen porter awarded compensation following needlestick injury

9th October 2015
Man awarded compensation after pavement trip

25th September 2015
Women compensated for back injury

21st September 2015
Shopper compensated after slip in supermarket

11th September 2015
Customer awarded compensation after fall at restaurant

4th September 2015
Man awarded compensation after suffering whiplash

28th August 2015
Woman is compensated after a head injury

24th August 2015
Delivery driver awarded compensation after fall at work

14th August 2015
Glasscutter wins compensation after workplace slip and fall

4th August 2015
Assistant caterer compensated after accident at work

3rd August 2015
Laundry assistant receives compensation after a fall

24th July 2015
Sales assistant receives compensation after knee injury

16th July 2015
Supermarket worker fractures clavicle in freezer slip

10th July 2015
Lorry driver injured while unloading vehicle secures compensation

1st July 2015
Air hostess left with permanent scar from airport door

23rd June 2015
Welder suffers injured foot from failed crane magnet

17th June 2015
Engineer injures back lifting heavy door

10th June 2015
Lorry driver fractures arm while unloading goods

3rd June 2015
Delivery driver traps finger in broken cage

27th May 2015
Locker door falls on sales executive in work changing room

20th May 2015
Leg laceration suffered while undertaking course at service station

13th May 2015
Engineer compensated after injury at work

8th May 2015
Forklift truck driver compensated after injury at work

1st May 2015
Warehouse worker compensated after injury at work

24th April 2015
Factory worker compensated after injury at work

16th April 2015
Woman compensated after severe scalding

10th April 2015
Bus driver compensated after assault at work

1st April 2015
Warehouse assistant compensated after injury at work

25th March 2015
Boatbuilder compensated after injury at work

20th March 2015
Bank worker compensated after injury at work

16th March 2015
Woman compensated after injury at a shopping centre

6th March 2015
Prison worker compensated after injury at work

2nd March 2015
Woman compensated after injury at a supermarket

20th February 2015
Chef injured in workplace accident

13th February 2015
Shop assistant injured in accident at work

6th February 2015
Woman compensated after getting food poisoning on holiday

30th January 2015
Care worker compensated after injury at work

23rd January 2015
Woman compensated after injury at work

16th January 2015
Woman injured on holiday

9th January 2015
Teacher injured after slip at school

News 2014

19th December 2014
Man compensated after injury in aeroplane

12th December 2014
Retail store worker compensated for wrist sprain

5th December 2014
Food worker compensated after injury at work

1st December 2014
Retail worker compensated after accident at work

21st November 2014
Man compensated after accident at neighbour's home

14th November 2014
Pastry chef compensated after slip at work

12th November 2014
Bank worker secures compensation after raid

28th October 2014
Shopper compensated after slip at supermarket

23rd October 2014
Delivery driver secures compensation after accident at work

16th October 2014
Cleaner compensated after accident at work

10th October 2014
HGV driver receives compensation for crushed foot

1st October 2014
Man receives compensation after accident at work

24th September 2014
Cleaner receives compensation following needle-stick injury

16th September 2014
Woman receives compensation after accident on wet floor

8th September 2014
Man receives compensation for head injuries

2nd September 2014
Man receives compensation after being injured in unsafe workplace

26th August 2014
Woman receives compensation after falling down steps

18th August 2014
Woman receives compensation after accident at work

11th August 2014
Woman receives compensation after fall

1st August 2014
Man receives compensation after accident at work

25th July 2014
Builder receives compensation after fall

18th July 2014

Woman compensated by local council after fall

11th July 2014
Shopper receives compensation after supermarket slip

8th July 2014
Sheet metal worker receives compensation after fall at work

26th June 2014
Car salesman compensated after unsafe assignment lead to accident at work

19th June 2014
Cleaner compensated after falling from unsafe company vehicle

12th June 2014

Manual worker compensated after faulty machinery led to crushed hand

6th June 2014
Man compensated after slip at work

29th May 2014
Woman compensated by local council after fall

23rd May 2014
Shopper compensated after trip

16th May 2014
Supermarket employee secures compensation after slip

9th May 2014

Shopper compensated after slip in supermarket

1st May 2014
Man secures compensation after fall

23rd April 2014
University caretaker secures compensation after slip at work

17th April 2014
Art gallery employee compensated for fractured toe

11th April 2014
Engineer secures compensation for fractured finger

4th April 2014
Warehouse employee secures compensation for back injury

27th March 2014
Coffee shop customer compensated for injuries

21st March 2014
Zoo visitor compensated after slip

14th March 2014
Retail store employee struck by wooden panel

3rd March 2014
Hairdresser compensated after slip at work

21st February 2014
Health Care Assistant burned by heat lamp

7th February 2014
Nursery worker secures compensation after fall

16th January 2014
Welder's foot broken by heavy steel frame

News 2013

19th December 2013
Construction worker's foot crushed by machinery

11th December 2013
Designated cycle path was dangerous

29th November 2013
Defective depot equipment caused leg fracture

14th November 2013
Injured metal worker was given inappropriate gloves

4th November 2013
Woman injured by café hazard

21st October 2013
Shop worker injured by obstructed doorway

16th October 2013
Fall into dangerous manhole left hospital worker with broken ribs

30th September 2013
Broken glass lacerated finger of supermarket distribution worker

20th September 2013
Faulty train brakes caused whiplash injury

3rd September 2013
Dangerous footpath caused elderly lady to fracture cheekbone

8th August 2013
Health assistant suffered chronic back injury at work

29th July 2013
Passenger in road traffic accident receives accident compensation

22nd July 2013
Lathe operator receives work accident compensation for hand injury

15th July 2013
Public servant suffers whiplash injury after road traffic accident

8th July 2013
Manual handling accident at work for man employed as a handler

1st July 2013
Accident at work leaves man with hearing loss

24th June 2013
Driver receives work accident compensation for hand injury following tyre explosion

17th June 2013
Elderly woman suffers fractured knee after tripping on uneven pavement

20th May 2013
Diabetic patient suffers pressure sores because of poor hospital care

13th May 2013
Family of railway worker receives mesothelioma compensation

6th May 2013
Cyclist knocked off his bike in hit and run accident

29th April 2013
Schoolgirl receives accident compensation after a fall at school

22nd April 2013
Engineer receives work accident compensation for crush injury to his arm

15th April 2013
Nurse develops serious skin disease through exposure to chemicals in NHS Theatre

8th April 2013
Accident at work leaves man with permanent injury and disability

2nd April 2013
Mesothelioma deaths continue to rise - HSE statistics reveal

25th March 2013
Review into breast care services by the Heart of England NHS Trust

18th March 2013
Accident compensation for man who slipped on ice and suffered broken leg

11th March 2013
Mother suffers serious injuries during the birth of her first child

4th March 2013
Military amputees are to receive the most up-to-date prosthetic limbs

25th February 2013
Woman shopper slipped and fell on wet floor in shopping centre

18th February 2013
Car passenger receives road traffic accident compensation

11th February 2013
Shop worker injured in accident at work receives compensation

4th February 2013
Concerns over the use of Avandia for type 2 diabetes

28th January 2013
Stonemason receives vibration white finger compensation

21st January 2013
Road traffic accident results in life changing injuries for serving professional

14th January 2013
Breast surgery review announced by Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

7th January 2013
Asbestos compensation lawyers win asbestos-related compensation for engineer's son

News 2012

17th December 2012
Cyclist struck by car at roundabout receives road accident compensation

10th December 2012
Worker receives occupational disease compensation for vibration white finger

3rd December 2012
Family man receives accident compensation after street accident

26th November 2012
Woman injured in street accident - Local Authority pays accident compensation

19th November 2012
Cyclist hit by car at junction receives compensation

12th November 2012
Hospital worker receives accident compensation after a fall on her way to work

5th November 2012
Young man suffers noise induced deafness after exposure to excessive noise

29th October 2012
Breast cancer surgeon under investigation

22nd October 2012
Man who slipped on badly worn step wins accident compensation

15th October 2012
Mesothelioma compensation for widow of deceased joiner

8th October 2012
Joiner injured after falling through open hatchway

1st October 2012
Needlestick injury compensation for hospital worker

24th September 2012
Work accident compensation for office worker

17th September 2012
Hospital worker suffers life-changing back injury after a fall

3rd September 2012
Back injury after being hit by moving object

28th August 2012
Mesothelioma compensation for wife, mother and grandmother

24th August 2012
Road accident casualties in 20mph zones up by 24% in 2011

20th August 2012
Back injury caused by falling object in accident at work

16th August 2012
Government launches review into the cosmetic surgery industry

13th August 2012
Driver suffers whiplash in road accident at traffic light junction

3rd August 2012
Cyclist killed in road traffic accident involving Olympic bus driver

30th July 2012
Widow receives road accident compensation after fatal road accident

25th July 2012
Government announces Insurance Fund of Last Resort for mesothelioma victims

23rd July 2012
Worker suffers serious hand injuries in an accident at work

16th July 2012
Mesothelioma compensation for widow of engineer

12th July 2012
Cycle accident compensation for broken bones

2nd July 2012
Woman receives road traffic compensation for shoulder and other injuries

25th June 2012
Diesel exhaust fumes cause cancer

11th June 2012
Road accident at work causes broken ankle and crushed foot

6th June 2012
Vibration white finger compensation for decades of negligent exposure

28th May 2012
Cyclist receives cycle accident compensation for injuries

21st May 2012
Machine operator receives industrial disease compensation

14th May 2012
Widow receives medical negligence compensation after husband's fatal discectomy surgery

8th May 2012
Noise-induced deafness compensation for plumber

30th April 2012
Care worker suffers needlestick injury and receives accident compensation

23rd April 2012
Mesothelioma compensation for family of apprentice electrician

16th April 2012
Missed scaphoid fracture results in medical negligence compensation

10th April 2012
Man suffers fractured skull when hit by falling objects

28th March 2012
Justice for asbestos victims as Supreme Court rules against 'callous' insurers

26th March 2012
Personal injury compensation for train passenger suffering smoke inhalation

19th March 2012
Health and Safety Executive professionals report an increase in fatal accidents

12th March 2012
Regional variations in amputation rates for diabetics

5th March 2012
Accident compensation for worker hit on the head by iron bar

29th February 2012
DePuy metal hip replacement patients at risk of complications

20th February 2012
Vibration white finger compensation after rejecting initial offer

15th February 2012
Industrial disease compensation for factory worker

30th January 2012
Compensation claim for cyclist hit in the rear by another vehicle

23rd January 2012
Car passenger suffers whiplash injury after rear shunt on stationary car

16th January 2012
HSE reporting on injuries at work for 12 months to end March 2011

9th January 2012
Mesothelioma compensation for worker of over 40 years

3rd January 2012
Work accident compensation for finger amputation injury

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News 2011

19th December 2011
Industrial disease compensation for welder who developed vibration white finger

14th December 2011
NI assembly reverses decision to allow claims for compensation for pleural plaques

13th December 2011
Whiplash compensation claim for bus driver in road accident

5th December 2011
Whiplash compensation claim for driver injured in hit and run accident

28th November 2011
Work accident compensation for employee who slipped and fell downstairs

21st November 2011
Holiday accident compensation for client who slipped on manhole

14th November 2011
Accident compensation claim for driver of passenger vehicle

7th November 2011
A UK charity has reported a rise in type-2 diabetes

31st October 2011
Whiplash compensation claim for driver in multiple-vehicle road accident

24th October 2011
Mesothelioma compensation awarded to widow of an engineer

17th October 2011
Road accident compensation claim for motorcyclist

7th October 2011
Accident compensation for client who suffered a permanent injury to her arm

19th September 2011
Mesothelioma compensation for qualified engineer in the pharmaceutical industry

22nd August 2011
Employee left unable to work following a knee injury in an accident at work

15th August 2011
Work accident compensation for shoulder injury

8th August 2011
Noise-induced deafness compensation secured for quarry worker

1st August 2011
Compensation claim for cyclist who suffered multiple injuries

25th July 2011
Mesothelioma compensation awarded to engineer after his death

11th July 2011
Medical negligence compensation for missed fracture

27th June 2011
Accident at work causes ankle injury

20th June 2011
Clamp down on uninsured drivers - changes to the law

11th April 2011
Accident compensation for client who suffered a broken elbow

4th April 2011
Serious burns injuries following explosive accident at work

28th March 2011
HSE - Myths about securing a load for transporting

21st March 2011
Rear car passenger receives road accident compensation

14th March 2011
Mesothelioma compensation awarded to builder during his lifetime

7th March 2011
Claim for vibration white finger compensation succeeds

28th February 2011
Work accident compensation for manual worker

21st February 2011
Front seat passenger receives road accident compensation

14th February 2011
Mesothelioma compensation for plumber during his lifetime

7th February 2011
Medical negligence compensation for patient after negligent care

1st February 2011
HSE report on prosecutions following accidents at work in Great Britain

26th January 2011
Widow of painter and decorator receives mesothelioma compensation

17th January 2011
Work accident compensation for worker trapped under falling objects

10th January 2011
Pedestrian receives substantial road accident compensation

4th January 2011
Accident compensation for shopper who fell in retail store

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News 2010

20th December 2010
Naval Dockyard labourer awarded mesothelioma compensation

13th December 2010
Tripping accident at work causes dislocated shoulder injury

6th December 2010
Rear car passenger receives road accident compensation

29th November 2010
Medical negligence compensation after death of a patient

25th October 2010
Work accident compensation for head injury victim

11th October 2010
Skin disease compensation for latex allergy

8th October 2010
Asbestos victims face compensation uncertainty

4th October 2010
Work accident compensation for nurse who suffered back injury

27th September 2010
Work accident compensation for injury in welding accident

20th September 2010
Medical negligence compensation after repeated failures to diagnose papilloedema

13th September 2010
Metal plate worker awarded vibration white finger compensation

6th September 2010
Cyclist receives substantial road accident compensation

31st August 2010
Serious head and brain injury for rear seat passenger

23rd August 2010
Work accident compensation following serious hand injury

16th August 2010
Serious injury following moving object accident at work

9th August 2010
Accident compensation for injury in fork lift truck accident

2nd August 2010
Work accident compensation for NHS worker

26th July 2010
Negligent dental care causes permanent pain and discomfort

19th July 2010
Railway worker receives mesothelioma compensation

12th July 2010
Mesothelioma compensation secured within four months

5th July 2010
Medical negligence compensation after misdiagnosis results in leg amputation

28th June 2010
Substantial road accident compensation for spinal injury

21st June 2010
Road accident compensation for head injury victim

7th June 2010
Fitness to work - new system for returning to work after sickness or personal injury

1st June 2010
Widower receives mesothelioma compensation for lost years

24th May 2010
Accident compensation for multiple fractures after manual handling accident

17th May 2010
Widow of laboratory worker receives £150,000 in mesothelioma compensation

10th May 2010
Compensation for client whose surgery was delayed

26th April 2010
Accident compensation for shoulder injury

19th April 2010
Car passenger in road accident receives compensation

12th April 2010
Road worker receives vibration white finger compensation

6th April 2010
Victim of surgical error receives medical negligence compensation

29th March 2010
Mesothelioma cuts life expectancy by over 30 years

22nd March 2010
Work accident compensation claim for stock handler

15th March 2010
Medical negligence compensation - rectal injury during surgery

8th March 2010
HSE – Myths about risk assessments and slips and trips

1st March 2010
Mesothelioma compensation for victim during his lifetime

22nd February 2010
20 mph speed limits reduce road accident casualties by 40%

15th February 2010
Fatal work accident compensation for tanker driver

1st February 2010
Improvements needed in prescribing drugs to children in hospital

25th January 2010
Slipping accidents soar during icy conditions

18th January 2010
Health & Safety Executive – Myth about throwing sweets at pantos

11th January 2010
Accident compensation for machine operator’s hand injury

4th January 2010
Accident compensation for secretary who slipped and fell

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News 2009

21st December 2009
Accident at work compensation for worker injured by moving vehicle

14th December 2009
Fatal accident compensation for widow

7th December 2009
Early diagnosis of cancers must improve

30th November 2009
Health & Safety Executive - Myth about school experiments

23rd November 2009
Medical negligence compensation for missed tendon injury

16th November 2009
Accident at work compensation after fall from height

9th November 2009
Medical negligence compensation for substandard nursing care

2nd November 2009
Misdiagnosis of swine flu putting patients at risk

26th October 2009
Serious head and brain injury caused by falling equipment

19th October 2009
Care Quality Commission report on NHS Trusts

12th October 2009
Compensation for shop worker who slipped and fell at work

5th October 2009
Families affected by E-Coli to take part in the Inquiry

28th September 2009
Your legal rights if you are infected with the E-Coli virus

21st September 2009
Accident compensation for serious eye injury

14th September 2009
Asbestos-related compensation for pleural thickening

7th September 2009
Successful road accident claim for head-on crash

1st September 2009
Compensation for shopper who slipped and fell entering a store

24th August 2009
Bus passenger receives accident compensation

17th August 2009
Annual HSE fatal accident at work figures

10th August 2009
Mesothelioma compensation awarded to bricklayer’s widow

3rd August 2009
Noise-induced deafness compensation awarded to mechanic

27th July 2009
Serious injury at work leaves client disabled

20th July 2009
Accident compensation for shopper who slipped on wet floor tiles

13th July 2009
HGV driver awarded road traffic accident compensation

6th July 2009
Metalworker’s widow receives mesothelioma compensation

29th June 2009
Over £100,000 injury at work compensation for amputation injury

22nd June 2009
Road traffic accident compensation for whiplash victim

15th June 2009
Cyclist seriously injured in road traffic accident

8th June 2009
Hernia injury compensation to manufacturing worker

1st June 2009
Mesothelioma compensation after prolonged exposure to asbestos

26th May 2009
Back injury at work compensation due to inadequate training

18th May 2009
Compensation for leg and head injuries in a cycling accident

11th May 2009
Widow awarded asbestos-related lung cancer compensation

5th May 2009
Assaulted at work by patient who had suffered brain damage

28th April 2009
Failed equipment causes neck injury at work

20th April 2009
Assaulted at work by violent resident

14th April 2009
Known tripping hazard ignored causing accident at work

6th April 2009
Industrial disease compensation awarded to tunneller

30th March 2009
Construction worker seeks personal injury advice after amputation

23rd March 2009
Compensation for ambulance worker seriously injured at work

16th March 2009
Mesothelioma compensation for widow of lagger

9th March 2009
Tripping accident at work causes permanent injury to employee

2nd March 2009
HSE latest fatal injury numbers indicate a reduction on previous years

23rd February 2009
Accident compensation for worker injured at work in tripping accident

16th February 2009
Client wins accident compensation from employer after criminal injuries claim rejected

9th February 2009
Accident compensation awarded to manager in manual handling accident

2nd February 2009
Mesothelioma compensation for engineer exposed to asbestos

26th January 2009
Cycling on the increase due to financial pressures

19th January 2009
Asbestosis sufferer receives compensation for exposure to asbestos

12th January 2009
Breach of regulations governing road signage leads to serious injuries

5th January 2009
Widow of boilermaker wins mesothelioma compensation claim

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News 2008

22nd December 2008
Vibration white finger injury caused through breach of regulations

15th December 2008
Accident at work compensation for injuries in office move

8th December 2008
Widow of man in fatal accident at work receives compensation

1st December 2008
Road maintenance worker receives compensation for road traffic accident

24th November 2008
High Court rules in favour of mesothelioma victims

17th November 2008
Serious Fork Lift Truck Injury at Work Results in Substantial Compensation

11th November 2008
Vibration White Finger Compensation For Breaches Of Regulations

3rd November 2008
Pedestrian Claims Compensation For Road Traffic Accident In Public Car Park

27th October 2008
Fatal Injuries At Work - Compensation For Family Of Man Crushed To Death

20th October 2008
Manual Handling Accident Results In Compensation For Service Engineer

13th October 2008
Daughter Awarded Mesothelioma Compensation After Father’s Tragic Death

6th October 2008
Breach of Manual Handling Regulations Results In Injury For Care Worker

29th September 2008
Widow of Deceased Mesothelioma Victim Receives Compensation

19th September 2008
Overfilled Post Bags Cause Injury To Post Van Driver

15th September 2008
Road Traffic Accident Involving Lorry Results in Leg and Other Injuries

8th September 2008
Slipping Accident Compensation Awarded To Nursing Auxiliary

1st September 2008
Manual Handling Compensation For Serious Back Injury

26th August 2008
Tripping Accident Compensation After Inspection System Fails

18th August 2008
Whiplash Accident Compensation For Holiday Road Traffic Accident

12th August 2008
Ambulance Driver Injured In Manual Handling Accident At Work

5th August 2008
Car Passenger Receives Whiplash Injury Compensation

29th July 2008
Water Authority Found Liable For Personal Injury

21st July 2008
Accident On School Property Results In Compensation For Injured Pupil

14th July 2008
Compensation For Registered General Nurse Following Successful Hospital Assault Claim

8th July 2008
Compensation For Injuries At Work Resulting From Breaches of Regulations

26th June 2008
Asbestos-Related Diseases – Justice for Affected Families

23rd June 2008
Government to publish consultation paper on compensation for Pleural Plaques

17th June 2008
Compensation For Librarian Injured at Work - No Manual Handling Training Provided

10th June 2008
Occupiers Liability Act – Personal Injury Compensation Awarded After Failure To Apply Risk Assessment Findings

19th May 2008
Slipping Accident In Kitchen Results in Injury At Work Compensation

13th May 2008
Client receives compensation after injury at work causes damage to her wrist

8th May 2008
Compensation Awarded to HGV Driver For Personal Injuries When High Winds Turned Over His Lorry

1st May 2008
Injury at Work Compensation for Welder Injured by Negligent Colleague

21st April 2008
Compensation Claim Successful For Injury At Work When A Client Slipped And Fell On Water Left On The Floor Of The Toilets

11th April 2008
Compensation Claim Advice for Employee Injured At Work Using Defective Trolley

4th April 2008
Compensation Awarded to Gardener Injured at Work Because of Inadequate Inspections

28th March 2008
Defence Collapses in Tripping Accident, Client Wins Slip, Trip and Fall Compensation Claim

17th March 2008
Injury at Work Compensation for Carer When Service User Fell and Injured our Client

11th March 2008
Injury at Work Compensation Claim

3rd March 2008
Alimta To Be Made Available On The NHS For Use In Chemotherapy for Mesothelioma Sufferers

25th February 2008
Breach of the Occupiers Liability Act results in Injury at Work Compensation Claim

20th February 2008
Telephone cable hazard causes trip and fall accident, compensation awarded for work injury

11th February 2008
Successful claim for compensation for client injured by scalding water

31st January 2008
Accident at work compensation claim for slipping on wet floor in school dining room is successful

24th January 2008
Compensation awarded to care worker injured whilst operating a hoist alone

21st January 2008
Textile worker from Tiverton suffers burn injury after falling through a hole in the floor

15th January 2008
Raised inspection cover leads to compensation of £1800

10th January 2008
Cleaning contractors pay compensation after fall whilst attending health and safety course

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News 2007

29th November 2007
Compensation for MOD worker injured at work because of poor maintenance

23rd November 2007
Thames Water forced to pay compensation after exposing pump worker to asbestos

16th November 2007
A Low Speed Road Traffic Accident Resulted in Whiplash Injury Compensation

8th November 2007
Corporate Manslaughter Act Set To Impact Road Traffic Accidents

1st November 2007
Customer slips and falls due to failure to clear up rain water which posed a risk, contrary to the Occupiers’ Liability Act

22nd October 2007
Compensation for client who slipped and fell due to breach of Occupiers’ Liability Act

17th October 2007
House of Lords rules against claims of compensation for pleural plaques

12th October 2007
Armed Forces Compensation Scheme to change following a review by the MOD

10th October 2007
Client injured when the fitting of a new carpet was not carried out safely

29th September 2007
Compensation of £152,000 awarded to soldier seriously injured in Afghanistan – an “insult” claims his mother

24th September 2007
Successful case of breach of PUWER regulations brought when a train driver was injured at work by flying glass particles

19th September 2007
Surgery success rates are to be made public by the NHS

14th September 2007
Renewed calls for further funding for research into Mesothelioma

10th September 2007
Alimta research study, funded by the Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund, urges more volunteers to come forward

10th September 2007
Accident at Work Compensation awarded after failure of PPE boots caused injury to LU railway worker

3rd September 2007
Rolls Royce engineer receives compensation after accepted working practices contravene written instructions and risk assessments

29th August 2007
Compensation awarded to dog owner for serious injuries inflicted by cows on a public footpath

22nd August 2007
Mesothelioma Compensation Case Settled Within Eight Weeks of Instruction

15th August 2007
Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act receives Royal Assent

10th August 2007
Compensation for client who suffers from mesothelioma

25th July 2007
Successful compensation claim after accident at school injures girl guide

17th July 2007
Social worker wins compensation in assault case

11th July 2007
Compensation for driver with thumb crushed by train door

5th July 2007
Council liable after claimant falls in ditch

26th June 2007
Injury Caused by Disruptive Pupil

18th May 2007
Injured After Climbing Over Locked Gates

2nd May 2007
Accident at Work Compensation Success

26th April 2007
Workers Memorial Day

25th April 2007
Maesteg Man Awarded Substantial Compensation Following Life-Threatening Surgical Error

18th April 2007
Hospital Slipping Accident

16th April 2007
National Asbestos Campaign

12th April 2007
Slipping Accident at Work Compensation Victory

27th March 2007
Compensation Victory After Slipping Accident

19th March 2007
Manual Handling Accident

13th March 2007
Tripping Accident in the Workplace

23rd February 2007
New figures show more than 90,000 people will die from mesothelioma in the coming decades

19th February 2007
Alimta Ruling to be Discussed in Parliament

29th January 2007
Teeside Widow Seeking Husband's Former Colleagues

25th January 2007
Compensation Victory after Slip on Ice

16th January 2007
The Workplace Regulations - Slipping Accidents at Work

12th January 2007
Compensation Victory Following Asbestos Exposure

8th January 2007
Compensation Victory After Hospital Error

3rd January 2007
Insufficient Inspection Records

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News 2006

21st December 2006
Alimta Appeal Rejected

19th December 2006
Insufficient Training Leads to Accident at Work

12th December 2006
Slipping Accident in the House of Commons

7th December 2006
Incorrect Delivery Method Injures Newborn Child

7th December 2006
Care Home Accident - Patient Dignity Versus Employee Safety

4th December 2006
Hazards In The Workplace

28th November 2006
Compensation Victory After Workplace Asbestos Exposure

23rd November 2006
Tragic Mesothelioma Death For Former James Bond Film Set Employee

21st November 2006
Compensation Victory Following Road Traffic Accident on M53

20th November 2006
Compensation Victory After Tragic Death From Mesothelioma

13th November 2006
Stratford widow seeking husband's co-workers after tragic death from mesothelioma

13th November 2006
£4000 in compensation awarded following an accident at a zebra crossing

10th November 2006
Mesothelioma Insurance Squabble

9th November 2006
Ford Employee Awarded £100,000 in Compensation

31st October 2006
Government acts with "compassion" on asbestos victims

17th October 2006
Alimta Campaigners To Lobby Parliament

12th October 2006
Compensation Victory For Former Yorkshire Water Employee

12th October 2006
Strong Support For Mesothelioma Drug

11th October 2006
Asbestos Compensation Freeze Lifted

11th October 2006
Work Equipment Compensation Claim

6th October 2006
Manual Handling At Work

29th September 2006
Unease Over Asbestos Legal Fees

20th September 2006
Widow In Desperate Attempt To Track Burton Based Firm - Sharps Brothers and Knights

14th September 2006
Clear Answers Supports Newly Formed MRSA Charity

8th September 2006
Asbestos Victims Compensation Victory

5th September 2006
Turner and Newall Asbestos Compensation Vote

28th August 2006
Alimta Drug Campaign Debated in Parliament

11th August 2006
Successful Medical Negligence Compensation Claim

7th August 2006
Safe Work Equipment The Key To Preventing Accidents at Work

1st August 2006
MRSA and Clostridium difficle compensation difficult to obtain but not impossible

27th July 2006
Wheelchair user forced to access disabled toilet on foot

19th July 2006
Government have restored right to claim full compensation for mesothelioma

20th June 2006
Government set to restore right to claim mesothelioma compensation

20th June 2006
Did You Work With David Carter in Poole?

13th June 2006
Nurses' Emergency Lifting

2nd June 2006
How to sue the right company when work equipment breaks and injures you

26th May 2006
Accidents at Work involving Gloves

3rd May 2006
Compensation Cut for Deadly Asbestos Cancer, Mesothelioma

27th April 2006
International Workers Memorial Day

12th April 2006
Accidents at work lead to claims for compensation

4th April 2006
Teachers at risk from Asbestos Exposure

16th March 2006
Insurance Companies challenge right to compensation for Mesothelioma

9th March 2006
Staircases and hand rails at work

3rd March 2006
Compensation for Accident at Work

2nd March 2006
Football injury claim

1st March 2006
Injured making TV programme

1st March 2006
Injured at work by object falling from a height

28th February 2006
MRSA deaths up by almost a quarter

27th February 2006
Youth centre worker from County Durham is awarded £33,750 personal injury compensation for accident at work

27th February 2006
Three generations from one family in Wales wiped out by Mesothelioma

23th February 2006
Action Mesothelioma Day

21st February 2006
Clear Answers urge injured to Seek Legal Advice

14 February 2006
Fear of Personal Injury from Cosmetic Surgery

3rd February 2006
Our lawyers win victim's case in Court of Appeal

3rd February 2006
Inquiry into misread heart tests at Fairfield Hospital, Bury

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News 2005

28th November 2005
Misdiagnosed hospital victim wins damages

16th November 2005
Evening News 24
We'll keep fighting to win compensation

14th November 2005
Yorkshire Post (North/York)
Insurance firm in court bid to halt payouts for asbestos victims ( by Paul Jeeves )

14th November 2005
Asbestos Victim in Battle for Payout Rights

12th November 2005
Evening Chronicle (Newcastle/City)
Asbestos victim's fight for drug

27th October 2005
Shambolic smoking ban won't prevent litigation, lawyers warn

7th October 2005
Legal advice for all with free surgery offer from local solicitor

12th September 2005
Addressing the nation's health - postcode lottery continues in the North East

7th August 2005
Thompsons Solicitors Nets Clear Answers

20th July 2005
Desperate bid to trace co-workers of tragic victim of asbestos

8th February 2005
Lawyers' warning on uninsured cosmetic surgeons

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