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Oliver Collett - Occupational disease solicitor

Leeds senior occupational disease solicitor

Oliver is based in our Leeds office and has considerable experience in all types of accident and personal injury compensation claims, including accidents at work and road accident claims. However, he has become a specialist in dealing with industrial disease claims, particularly HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) and all forms of diseases related to victims of asbestos exposure.

The group of cases categorised as HAVS includes, of course, vibration white finger, and Oliver has developed considerable expertise in investigating claims involving vibrating tools. Many of the symptoms that affect sufferers of occupational diseases can be present for some years before they are correctly diagnosed and Oliver has considerable experience in tracing the source of the injury and the negligent employer(s), even when they are no longer operating.

This investigative skill is also vital in dealing with asbestos-related compensation claims, since the onset of the disease, and the diagnosis, can often be decades after the original exposure to asbestos.

With asbestos-related compensation claims, it is very important to sympathise and understand the situation that a living claimant faces, or what a family have been through if they have lost a loved one and are pursuing a deceased compensation claim. Having to extract very upsetting information from a claimant and their family requires a degree of sensitivity.

Oliver has that sensitivity and understanding and it has earned the gratitude of his clients. Oliver also places a strong emphasis on pursuing Defendants forcefully in order to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest space of time. He is respected by his peers for his robust but realistic negotiation skills in his dealings with personal injury compensation claims.

Oliver, a Leeds solicitor, works closely with several asbestos support groups in and around Leeds. In addition to his dedication to gain the maximum compensation, to which each asbestos victim is justly entitled, he also spends time helping to raise asbestos awareness and attend rallies, campaigns and events.

Oliver is a member of APIL. (The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers)

Successful compensation claims

Of the many successful personal injury compensation claims that Oliver has dealt with, here are just a few examples.

Occupational disease compensation claim - HAVS – Vibration white finger

This client had been working with air tools for most of his working life. Oliver helped him to bring a claim for industrial disease compensation against one negligent employer for whom he worked during the 1990’s.

The client had first noticed a problem with his hands some two years before he sought Oliver’s advice on bringing an occupational disease compensation claim. His symptoms had included a numbness, which had increased in frequency and intensity over time. He also suffered tingling in his fingers and the symptoms began to affect other aspects of his life, including problems when fishing and other hobbies that he subsequently had to give up.

Oliver established that the client had not been warned about the possible risks of working with vibrating tools, despite the dangers being well-know by employers by that time. He had received no training on how to minimise his risk, nor did his employer instigate a system of rotation that was proven to reduce the exposure of employees to excessive use of these tools.

Oliver was forced to issue court proceedings in order to bring the other side to the negotiating table. However, shortly before the trial date, he was able to negotiate an acceptable settlement, which our client felt able to accept.

Work accident compensation claim – Hit by falling objects

This client received two blows to the head when objects stored on top of a cupboard fell down on to him as he opened the cupboard. The items were stored there because of the lack of safe storage elsewhere on the premises.

Although he did not feel he needed hospital attention immediately following his injury at work, Oliver’s client spent the remainder of his shift resting, during which time he was sick, and then went home. In the following days, his neck began to stiffen and he noticed problems with his hearing and vision. Initially, he was unable to return to work for a couple of weeks but eventually this became permanent and he was retired on the grounds of ill health.

The defendant admitted liability for the work accident, on the grounds that our client had not been provided with a safe working environment. However, Oliver was forced to issue court proceedings before the other side’s insurers offered an acceptable level of compensation. The sum eventually accepted by our client, included a sum for loss of congenial employment and accumulated pension. Such are the seriousness and intermittent occurrence of his symptoms that the client has since been unable to find any suitable employment, and is deemed unable to work.

Work accident compensation claim – Manual handling injury

Only in her 20’s, this client had been instructed to help with moving a heavy piece of equipment, a task which was completely outside her usual duties, and for which she had received no manual handling training.

The equipment weighed in excess of 60kg and she was instructed by a colleague to help move the item up a step and push into place in the designated work area.

As she helped lift the item over the step, Oliver’s client felt pain in her back, followed by numbness in her spine and pain in her leg. She went to see her GP and was referred for tests, which ultimately resulted in several operations, including spinal surgery to correct two slipped discs.

Following surgery, she has been left with almost constant pins and needles in her limbs and has difficulty with walking, often resorting to a wheelchair when her symptoms are particularly difficult to bear.

Medical evidence proving accident-related injury was complex and Oliver was forced to issue court proceedings. However, he eventually negotiated with the other side’s insurers to secure compensation of over £300,000 for his client’s pain and suffering.

Asbestos- related disease – Mesothelioma compensation claim

This client was only in his 70’s when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma – and sadly he died only 4 months later. At first he could not think where he had been exposed to asbestos dust, but it was eventually established that it had been more than 4 decades earlier when, as an apprentice, he had worked in areas where asbestos was cut and handled, throwing clouds of the deadly fibres into the air where all the employees were unable to avoid inhaling them.

Our client had commenced proceedings prior to his death, but died from this fatal disease mesothelioma before the claim for compensation could be concluded. Oliver continued to fight for just compensation on behalf of his widow, and although he was forced to issue court proceedings, his tough negotiating skills were able to secure a substantial mesothelioma settlement for his widow.

Client comments

Here are just a few of the many comments expressed by grateful clients following Oliver’s successful handling of their compensation claim.

 “I found that Mr Collett always kept me informed with the situation and he seemed to have dealt with everything on my behalf and the outcome was a successful one.”
Recipient of vibration white finger compensation

 “Excellent service by Oliver Collett at Leeds. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to receive such a large settlement, and that was due to the hard work and effort of Oliver preparing the case. Thanks should also go to Counsel for his determination and advice that I should reject previous lower offers. He was right. Thanks to all concerned.”
Recipient of substantial work accident compensation

 “I would like to compliment the efficient way … dealt with the compensation claim. I am extremely grateful to Oliver and Marion for their hard work and would have no hesitation of recommending to anyone.”
Husband of victim of fatal asbestos-related disease, mesothelioma

“I was recommended to your good selves by a third party. He advised me that … were the leading solicitors in my type case in asbestos. This turned out to be a piece of very good and sound advice we won. Mr Oliver Collett was tops, a gentleman, helpful informative, understanding ..."
Recipient of asbestos-related disease compensation

 “Very helpful knowledgeable and efficient. Oliver Collett in particular always returned phone calls and very polite and helpful.”
Mr Atkinson - recipient of road accident compensation

"They were very nice people. But they were also tough and tenacious negotiators and I have nothing but praise for the lawyer. I doubt you’ll find better people to act for you anywhere.”
Mrs Worth – widow of mesothelioma victim, received asbestos-related compensation

Making a compensation claim for occupational diseases

Have you or a member of your family been injured as the result of an accident at work, or are suffering from an occupational disease.
Telephone us now on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms, and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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