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Slips trips and falls compensation claim advice

Slip, trip and fall accident claim advice

Here at Clear Answers we understand the pain and disruption that injuries from slips, trips and falls can cause in day to day life. This why we strive to obtain, for all of our clients, the compensation that they deserve. We offer straightforward and uncomplicated slips, trips and falls compensation claim advice to every one of our customers and we support our clients every step of the way to ensure that they are kept fully informed throughout the whole of the legal process.

Zoo visitor compensated after slip

Our client was a retired woman who was injured while on a visit to a zoo.
More about Zoo visitor compensated after slip

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Please select one of the links below for more information on slips, trips or falls, and whether you might have a claim for accident compensation.

How Clear Answers can help you

Clear Answers' solicitors are experts in all types of accidents involving slips, trips and falls. We have a proven track record for successfully dealing with this type of accident compensation claim so if you have recently been injured as a result of this type of accident then we may be able to help you.

Contact Clear Answers' personal injury solicitors on 0800 783 9019 and speak to one of our friendly advisors. They will be able to advise you whether an accident claim for damages is possible, give guidance and assistance on how the claim can be pursued and ensure all the correct evidence is obtained to secure the best result for you. Alternatively fill out one of our online compensation claim forms.

In addition to this Clear Answers' solicitors strive to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for all of our clients in the shortest possible timeframe.

Please visit our section on information and advice for more details on making a personal injury compensation claim, or our gathering information and evidence section for details on what to do if you are involved in an accident.

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Slips, trips and falls accidents

Slip, trip and fall compensation claims are some of the most common types of personal injury claims that we deal with. Often there is no-one to blame but ourselves when it comes to this type of accident but sometimes they are caused because someone else is at fault.

Take a wet floor in a supermarket for example. Each year hundreds of people come to us because they have suffered an accident due to a wet floor in a public place. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer this type of accident you should keep a note of witnesses and make sure the accident is recorded in your own words as soon as possible in the store accident book.

In addition to this we are also contacted by clients after they have tripped over an uneven paving slab. If your accident was the result of a slip or trip on the pavement or public highway, you may be able to bring a claim against the local government or highway authority. It will be necessary to show that the pavement was in a dangerous condition and that this caused the injury.

There are also possible legal claims for slips and trips on other's land under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957. The act applies to all injuries on owner occupied land. We know that some horrific accidents can take place on other peoples property and have experience in dealing with these claims. Due to the high potential value of these types of cases and the complex law involved occupiers liability cases are often taken to the highest courts, namely the House of Lords.

If you or a member of your family has experienced a slip, trip or fall that was the fault of someone other than yourself then you could be eligible to make a slips, trips and falls compensation claim. Contact Clear Answers personal injury solicitors on 0800 783 9019 or alternatively fill out one of our online compensation claim forms.

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Before taking legal action

If an accident happens, wherever possible always keep a record and take photographs if relevant; take the names and home addresses of witnesses; keep evidence of doctors visited and treatments received and keep receipts for any injury related expenses.

It is advisable to contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as is possible after suffering an accident as there are strict time limits for dealing with personal injury compensation claims. Slip, trip and fall compensation claims need to be started in court within three years of the accident happening or within three years of it becoming clear that you are injured as a direct result of the incident.

Our slips, trips and falls personal injury solicitors are experts in all aspects of public liability law and have a proven track record after successfully representing clients who have suffered as a result of a variety of slip, trip and fall accidents. Clear Answers' solicitors will not only provide you with expert legal advice, we will also ensure that the compensation claims process is as simple as possible so that you always know where you stand

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Slips, trips and falls compensation claims

In deciding the amount of accident compensation to award you the court will assess the severity of the injury caused by your slip, trip or fall; the levels of pain and distress it caused you; the chances of a full recovery and the cost of any medical treatment. The courts will also make a separate award to cover loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses you may have incurred as a result of your accident. In order for your claim to succeed you must be able to prove that a third party was at fault. Here are some examples of slips, trips and falls that often result in a personal injury claim:

  • Slipping on the wet floor of a supermarket where there was no visibly clear warning of the danger.
  • Inadequate lighting in a public building which has caused you to fall down the stairs.
  • Tripping over a poorly placed or hidden object in a public place.
  • Slipping on a patch of icy ground in a public place that should have been gritted.
  • Tripping over workmen's tools in a public place.
  • Falling over a loose curb stone

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Slips, trips and falls success stories

Personal Injury Compensation Awarded to Client Injured Because of a Breach of the Occupiers Liability Act
We were asked by our client to provide compensation claim advice after she was injured in a public place, during a social visit to a local hotel. Our client was approaching the bar when she felt a pain in her foot. Inspection revealed that she had trodden on part of a broken glass tumbler. At the time, our client was wearing thin leather, open backed sandals and the glass caused a significant cut to the underside of her foot.

This injury caused considerable pain to our client, and for a short time she was unable to walk or bear weight on her foot. Although our client recovered from this injury, she was left with some scarring on the under arch of her foot.

The defendants admitted liability for this accident and that they had breached the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, which requires owners of public property to ensure the safety of customers who are lawful visitors to their premises. They had failed to ensure that the floor of this public bar was clean and clear of any debris which would cause injury to visitors. They had also failed to investigate correct procedures to clear up following what had clearly been an accident of some kind, thereby exposing our client to a foreseeable risk of injury.

Following their admittance of liability for breach of Occupiers Liability, our specialist personal injury lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement of £2,000 for this personal injury compensation claim which occurred in a public place.

Slip, Trip and Fall Compensation after slipping on footpath
During the course of her employment, our client was walking along a footpath which was the responsibility of her employer, the defendant.

On the morning that our client suffered her injury at work, the ground was damp but it was not raining. However, due to lack of maintenance by her employer, the trees and bushes had not been cut back, and there were a large number of fallen leaves on the ground. Despite wearing flat gripping shoes, our client slipped on the leaves and sustained an injury to her arm. She asked our personal injury lawyers for advice on making an injury at work compensation claim.

Alone, and in considerable pain and distress from her injuries at work, our client managed to telephone for assistance and was taken by ambulance to hospital. There an X-ray confirmed she had sustained a serious injury to her right elbow. She underwent surgery to insert plates and screws and had to remain in hospital for a short time.

Although our client has made some recovery, the injury was to her dominant hand / arm and she was left with significant reduction in flexibility, and this is now considered permanent. She has also been advised that she will be at higher risk of developing premature osteoarthritis. Our client also has difficulty lifting or gripping objects and although she is now able to drive again, she is still cautious of driving for any lengthy distance.

Her injuries resulted in her being unable to return to her previous work and as her employers were unable to find alternative suitable work, she was medically retired on the grounds of ill-health. The workplace accident has left her lacking in confidence and unable to continue in her chosen profession. She will continue to be at a disadvantage in the labour market and unlikely to obtain a position at the same rate of pay.

Our accident advice solicitors were able to secure injury at work compensation of over £50,000 for her injuries and loss of earnings that had resulted in the defendants failures. These included failure to carry out any risk assessment on the only access route; failure to provide a safe working environment; and failure to carry out routine maintenance, which should have been anticipated given the time of year.

Woman badly injured when she slipped and fell on leaflets left in store entrance lobby
Our client had been shopping in a local store and was leaving the premises when she stepped onto some leaflets, left strewn about. Her foot went from under her and she slipped and fell, suffering a broken arm and bruising to her hip and wrist.

The Occupiers Liability Act requires that the owners of any property ensure the safety of visitors to their premises. By allowing the leaflets to be scattered inside the foyer entrance, they had failed to ensure that the entrance, and exit, of the store was free from obstruction. They had exposed our client to a foreseeable risk of injury, which had resulted in this slipping accident.

Our client was taken to hospital for treatment and in addition to the repair to her broken arm, was subsequently provided with a course of physiotherapy. However, almost a year after the accident, she was referred back to the hospital by her GP as she was experiencing pins and needles in her arm. She was reviewed by the hospital several times but eventually her symptoms began to improve.

Although the store initially intended to fight this slips, trips and falls case, they subsequently admitted liability. However, their initial offer was rejected by our client on advice from our personal injury lawyers. Almost 3 years after her accident, the defendant accepted our alternative offer of £11,500 in slip, trip and fall compensation for her injuries.

Compensation for client who slipped and fell when duty of care was breached
In November you might reasonably expect cold weather, and even overnight frost or snow. On the morning that our client slipped and fell on ice, there was some snow and ice on roads and paths. Despite the possibility of this type of weather, no attempt had been made to grit the pathway or to provide warning signs that the area may be slippery, even though there is a duty on councils and occupiers to grit roads when they are aware there is going to be bad weather. Our client asked our expert personal injury solicitors for slips, trips and falls compensation advice.

To gain access to her local railway station, our client had to walk along a pathway, which formed part of the station premises. As she slipped, she put out her hand to try to break her fall. In doing so, she felt pain in the whole of the wrist area and was horrified to find that the wrist was sticking out at an abnormal angle. She was immediately taken to hospital where an x-ray confirmed that she had fractured her wrist.

Our client had to undergo several procedures, including an operation under general anaesthetics, in order to put in wires to help the wrist heal correctly. Although this was generally successful, she has been left with restricted movement and reduced gripping capacity. For several weeks after the accident she suffered considerable pain and disturbed sleep. Once the cast had been removed, our client was able to undergo a course of physiotherapy, which helped her regain some dexterity.

Our slips, trips and falls personal injury solicitors, who specialise in slips, trips and falls compensation claims, entered into detailed negotiations with the defendant and were eventually able to secure £9000 in compensation for our client.

Compensation for single man forced to give up his independence whilst recovering from a fall at his local leisure centre
Our client, a single man, was forced to return to his parents’ home for several months following a slip and fall at his local leisure centre. He asked us for slips trips and falls compensation claim advice.

Walking from a pool to the changing rooms at the leisure centre, he slipped on a wet mat. What should have been an anti-slip mat was left wet and slippery and our client fell heavily to the floor.

An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital where x-rays confirmed that he had suffered a fracture to his femur. He was kept in hospital for several days, and underwent surgery to repair the fracture by insertion of a metal plate and screws. He was advised that the metalwork would remain in place permanently.

Released from hospital, he relied on crutches and was unable to look after himself. He was unable to drive, or, fundamentally, to negotiate the stairs to his first floor flat, where he lived alone. He therefore returned to his parents’ home for several months. He was totally dependent upon them for help in daily tasks, and also for getting to his hospital appointments.

Fortunately, his injuries healed well and did not leave lasting problems, although he has been left with some scarring at the site of the operation. His work involved a great deal of kneeling and he was initially concerned that this would prove problematic. Although unable to work for several months, he was eventually able to return to normal duties, with some initial aggravation of his injury. He continues to suffer some stiffness to his hip and ongoing episodes of pain, which are likely to be permanent.

Although admitting liability for the accident, the defendants' insurers were unwilling to agree damages. Our expert personal injury solicitors have extensive experience in fighting these types of slips trips and falls compensation claims. They issued Court proceedings. The case was settled shortly before the date of the hearing and our specialist lawyers were able to secure in excess of £13,000 for our client.

Client sprains wrist and ankle in slip trip and fall accident due to failure of underground works
In 2003, our client was returning to the car park after enjoying a shopping trip with her daughter. When her daughter turned around, she was dismayed to find her mother lying face down on the ground. Her foot had gone down a hole in the pavement and our client had fallen badly, twisting as she did so. The hole was sited on an area of the pavement which was uneven and sloped downwards, obscuring it from approaching walkers.

In this slip trip and fall accident, our client fell forwards, putting out a hand to save herself, which ended awkwardly beneath her. She also grazed her head, injured her ankle and was feeling badly shaken and nauseous. She was taken immediately to hospital by her daughter where X-rays revealed severe sprains to wrist and ankle. There was some concern over the swelling to both ankle and wrist, and her wrist was so bad that her rings had to be cut off to allow circulation to return. This caused further distress to our client as she had never removed her wedding rings before. A splint was fitted on her wrist which she had to keep on for several weeks and she was unable to work for some time. Unable to drive she had to rely on her daughter and husband for shopping as well as household tasks. Although her ankle injury improved with time, she still suffers numbness and shooting pains in her wrist.

The defendants stated that they had a policy of inspections every six months, though one was due at the time of the accident. Investigations revealed that underground work had failed, causing the pavement to sink. At the time of the accident the defendants had taken no steps to prevent a slips trips and falls accident. There were no warning signs in place, no fencing or other means of preventing the public from walking through this area, and six months after the accident, the damage had still not been repaired.

The defendants’ insurers refused to negotiate settlement and it was necessary to commence court proceedings. However, before the trial date, settlement terms were agreed and our expert personal injury solicitors, who specialise in slips trips and falls personal injury compensation claims, were successful in obtaining more than £4,000 for our client.

Clear Answers' expert slips trips and falls personal injury solicitors have a track record in successfully obtaining compensation for victims of this type of accident. Clear Answers solicitors recently secured compensation for a man injured after slipping on the steps of a railway station in Sussex. The man injured his hamstring and his knee as a result of his fall, we were able to claim damages as the steps were coated in coal dust from the trains. The owners of the railway station admitted liability for the accident and the client was awarded £75,000 in compensation for his slip, trip and fall accident.

Another slips, trips and falls case that our solicitors were recently successful with involved a woman who tripped on a broken paving stone. The woman, who was shopping in Wigan town centre at the time of her accident, broke her foot and was awarded £5,250 in damages. Following her accident the woman took photographs of the paving stone and measured the depth to which the paving stone had sunk. Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council admitted liability and the woman was awarded compensation following the efforts of Clear Answers' expert slips, trips and falls personal injury solicitors.

Clear Answers' lawyers Thompsons Solicitors recently obtained compensation for a woman from Essex after she sustained an injury at work. The client was walking across the car park outside her place of work when she tripped due to a hole in the tarmac. The client fell breaking her glasses in the process which in turn cut her eye leaving a scar. The client also suffered ankle damage as a result of her accident.

The client was awarded £2570 in damages. After her successful claim the client said: "The result was better than expected and I was very impressed with the fact that you always rang me back whenever you were out of the office even if it was in the evening. Thanks again for everything and I would be pleased to recommend anybody to your company."

Another client successfully represented by us is a woman who was injured whilst walking through a changing area after she had used the showers. Whilst the client was walking towards her locker she tripped over a rolled up mat which measured approximately 18 inches by 10 inches. The mat had previously been laid out in front of the lockers however a member of staff had rolled it up leaving a tripping hazard.

The client was extremely happy with her compensation victory, she says: "Thank you again for your help and support during this process."

In Spring 2003, a client was injured whilst carrying out the simple task of posting a letter. She parked her car a short distance from the post-box and walked the remaining distance. As she did so she suffered a tripping accident when she stumbled and, falling to the ground, she landed heavily on her side. As well as the initial shock, she suffered injuries to her hand, knees and ankle.

Our client was unable to work for some weeks due to her injuries caused by this trip and fall. Although most of the injuries have healed, she is left with some pain and discomfort in her hand and neither has she recovered full gripping strength.

Her injuries were the result of an accident on defective pavement surrounding an inspection hatch which had been neglected and in a poor state of repair for some years. The case of negligence was brought against both the owners of the hatch, and the highways agency responsible for maintaining that area of pavement.

Using our extensive experience of slips trips and falls compensation claims, including those involving public liability claims, our expert personal injury solicitors were able to obtain £2,000 in compensation for our client.

Clear Answers' lawyers Thompsons Solicitors acted for Janet Lord when she was injured in a tripping accident. She sustained a broken nose and received £4,000 compensation. An extract from her thank you letter reads: "I have appreciated all that you have done, as I have said before, and I am glad that I had you on my side! Please also pass on my good wishes to your secretary who has always been so helpful."

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Slips, trips and falls news stories

Clear Answers personal injury lawyers deal with a large number of slip, trip and fall accident cases each year. Details of some of these personal injury compensation claims can be found in our News Section which is updated regularly.

Below are a selection of slip, trip and fall compensation claims that we have fought, as well as related news stories. To view the full story click on the links or you can visit our Personal Injury News Section to view these stories and other successful personal injury compensation claims that Clear Answers solicitors have been involved in.


Hairdresser compensated after slip at work

Our client, who worked as a hairdresser in a salon, was injured after she slipped on water near a wash basin which had been leaking.

Despite the fact that a similar incident had already occurred, and after our client and her colleagues had repeatedly reported the leak to the employers, no action had been taken to repair the basin.
More about Hairdresser compensated after slip at work


Schoolgirl receives accident compensation after a fall at school

When our client suffered a broken leg as a result of a fall down the stairs at school, she sought our expert legal advice on bringing a claim for accident compensation.

The school refused to admit liability and our specialist accident compensation lawyers were forced to issue Court proceedings. However, they continued to conduct robust negotiation and, prior to the trial, were able to secure compensation for our client’s suffering, trauma and disruption to her education.
More about Schoolgirl receives accident compensation after a fall at school

Accident compensation for man who slipped on ice and suffered broken leg

Our client, a young man, had been returning home one evening when he slipped and fell on compacted snow and ice.

Falling heavily, he suffered a broken leg and was unable to work for several months. Our specialist accident compensation lawyers were able to secure several thousand pounds in compensation for his injuries and lost income.
More about Accident compensation for man who slipped on ice and suffered broken leg

Woman shopper slipped and fell on wet floor in shopping centre

When our client went shopping one day, she decided to use a local covered shopping centre as it had been raining all day. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of the cleaning contractor, she suffered a serious injury which would have a significant long-term effect on her and her family.

She asked for our accident compensation advice on making a claim for slip, trip and fall compensation. Our specialist accident compensation lawyers issued court proceedings but satisfactory terms were subsequently agreed and our client received 100% of the thousands of pounds of compensation won by our expert lawyers.
More about Woman shopper slipped and fell on wet floor in shopping centre

Shop worker injured in accident at work receives compensation

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Compensation claim

If you or a member of your family has been injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall that was the fault of someone other than yourself contact Clear Answers' expert personal injury solicitors on 0800 783 9019 or alternatively fill out one of our online compensation claim forms.

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