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Mick Laffey - Serious accident compensation solicitor

Senior serious injury solicitor - Newcastle- upon-Tyne

Mick Laffey, a local born solicitor, previously located in our South Shields office and now working through Newcastle, is particularly well known in the area due to his high level of successful accident compensation claims in the surrounding area. He is a key member of our North East and Cumbria Serious Injury Unit, and his expertise in recent years has been primarily focused on serious injury and accident compensation claims.

Some of his high profile cases have involved victims who have suffered amputations, serious head injuries, brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and sadly some fatalities. When serious injury or death occurs, Mick is able to represent the family of the injured or deceased and has gained a reputation for his sensitive understanding of the issues that arise in bringing such serious injury or fatal accident compensation claims.

Mick’s proven abilities and determination to win just compensation for each and every client, will help you obtain the accident compensation to which you are entitled, if you have been injured through no fault of your own.

Mick grew up in the South Shields area and attended St. Josephs Comprehensive in Hebburn. He has appeared as a legal commentator on the local Metro Radio.

Mick is also a member of several legal and support organisations, including:

Serious injury accident compensation claims

Mick has dealt with hundreds of serious accident compensation claims in his career; here are just a few of them.

Work accident compensation claim – Hit by object falling from height

This client was working on a mobile working platform, when suddenly and without warning, a heavy piece of equipment fell from above, striking both our client and a colleague. Our client received a serious blow to the head which caused a severe head injury and has left him with ongoing conditions, including epilepsy, and other serious cognitive problems.

It was necessary to delay conclusion to this work accident claim so that his long-term prognosis could be assessed. A final evaluation of his condition confirmed that his injuries will be permanent, requiring lifetime medication to control the epilepsy, and that he will remain unemployable. He will be unable to drive due to the medication and he has been diagnosed as being unable to live alone, without a significant level of daily care.

Mick brought this case on the basis of breaches of several regulations by the two defendants whose negligence has resulted in our client’s serious injury at work, including The provisions of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (Lifting Regulations), and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (Equipment Regulations) amongst others.

Although Mick was forced to issue court proceedings to bring the other sides’ insurers to the negotiating table, and refused to accept their initial offers, before the trial date he was able to secure over £450,000 in work accident compensation for our client’s life-changing injuries.

Thomas Clough - Work accident compensation claim – Falling from a height

Our client, Thomas Clough, suffered a broken leg and ankle when the floor at this workplace collapsed during construction work. He plummeted through the collapsed floor down to the level below and was then covered by a large volume of wet concrete, which almost engulfed him, causing concrete burns to several areas of his head and torso. Although the fracture is healing it will leave Mr Clough with compromised ability to walk, and he will be at a disadvantage in the open labour market.

Mick brought this claim under the provisions of the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996 and although the defendant admitted liability, Mick was forced to issue court proceedings before an acceptable sum in work accident compensation could be agreed.

Work accident compensation claim – Hit by object falling

Whilst unloading a container at his workplace, our client was struck by a heavy machine part falling onto him, trapping him between the machine part and the container. He suffered two broken arms and other injuries to his torso. He required surgical intervention to correct the factures. However, other injuries to his nerves and tendons have not healed as had been hoped. This has left him with long-term symptoms and permanent disabilities, and he will be disadvantaged in the open labour market.

The nature of this work accident meant that Mick had to bring an accident compensation claim against both the employer and the container operator. Mick was forced to issue court proceedings and brought this claim under the provision of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. Although both defendants admitted liability, it was only at court that acceptable accident compensation was awarded to our client.

Work accident compensation claim – Amputation

Whilst working with a colleague, our client suffered the loss of several fingers when his hand was suddenly pulled into the machinery they were operating. Later inspection showed that the machine had several faults, including the absence of a guard, and that the operating speed was set too fast.

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, the defendant, our client’s employer, was negligent in his statutory duty to our client. Although Mick was able to negotiate an acceptable sum in work accident compensation, this was not before he issued court proceedings in order to bring the other side’s insurers to the negotiating table. During the protracted negotiations, Mick was able to secure two interim payments in order to assist our client whilst he was unable to work.

Kristian Roberts - Road accident compensation claim

Mr Roberts suffered extensive injuries when he drove his car round a bend and collided with an animal who had escaped from a nearby property. He had no way of avoiding the collision and the road accident resulted in the vehicle being written off.

Although initial examination suggested his injuries were not serious, Mr Roberts’ lack of improvement over time led to further investigation which identified that he was suffering with some back injuries.

Mick was able to negotiate several interim payments during the progress of the case and was able to secure almost £60,000 in road accident compensation for Mr Roberts.

Comments from accident compensation clients

Just a few examples of the many expressions of gratitude sent in by clients for whom Mick has successfully fought for compensation.

"I would like to thank ... for their prompt and careful attention they have showed to my case. My grateful thanks to Mr Mick Laffey for his personal friendliness and his concerns and his persistance. I would have no hesitation to recommend your company to any person in the future. I was again most grateful."
Mick secured work accident compensation for this client when he tripped and fell at work

"My case was dealt with by Michael Laffey and I found him to be very helpful and most professional. I would certainly recommend Thompsons to anyone and, should there be a need, will certainly go back to you. I would like you to thank Mr Laffey for his help."
Client who received accident compensation when she slipped and fell on a wet floor whilst shopping

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank [them] for their ongoing support during my claim I would particularly like to thank Mr. Michael Laffey, Solicitor at South Shields branch, for his dedication and commitment to my case. The service I received was first class, his friendly, down to earth approach put me at ease and his professionalism assured me that my case was in good hands. I was kept informed throughout, of the progress of my case, verbal and written communication were very clear and each step well explained. I have no doubt it was his expertise and commitment to thank for the value of the final award. I would definitely recommend."
Client who received accident compensation after her wrist was broken in a fall at work

“Mick Laffey took over my case from a colleague who was sick, he made regular contact with me by telephone asked to meet me in person after acquainting himself with my case. At our meeting Mick was friendly, perceptive and showed an optimistic character. He was tenacious in obtaining a successful outcome to my case whilst listening to my requests.”
Recipient of work accident compensation following a trip and fall accident

"I was soon put to rest and everything else followed in the same manner. I was kept informed and given advice at every stage. The advice given was sound and all members of staff were very approachable and helpful. Because of the professional help and support I believe the outcome was most satisfactorty. Many thanks for their expertise."
Client injured by defective equipment, received accident compensation

"Yes, they were very good and kept me informed and most helpful."
Client received road accident compensation after she was knocked of her bicycle by a reversing vehicle

"We first met with Michael Laffey in Durham... I was undergoing medical treatment for my injury and was quite nervous ... Mick put me completely at ease, everything was explained in lay-mans terms, he worked through the accident in the finest details ... made what could have been a distressing and fraught time, a lot easier to cope with. Mick kept in touch with letters and phone calls, letting me know exactly what stage my case was at and I was able to contact him at any time. The service we received from ... Mick Laffey has been first class."
Mick's client was struct by a moving piece of equipment and received work accident compensation

Making an accident compensation claim for serious injury

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