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Accident claims in hotels

As part of the most experienced personal injury law firm in the UK, Clear Answers has gained a reputation for being tenacious and tough in winning accident claims. We care for every one of our clients and fight to achieve the maximum accident compensation to which they are entitled.

Accidents can and do happen all the time. However, if your injury is the result of an hotel accident, through the negligence by someone else, you may be entitled to make an accident claim for compensation. Whether you are working in the hotel, a diner, guest, or merely visiting the premises, the owner has a duty to protect you whilst you are there.

All too often, accidents can result in serious, life-changing injuries, and fatal injuries resulting from hotel accidents are extremely rare, but when they do happen, nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one.

Making an accident claim for the compensation to which you are entitled can help with the financial impact of losing your loved one, or provide facilities to manage the impact of the reduced quality of life arising from the accident. It can provide a secure future for those coping with the effects of the hotel accident.

Types of accident claims

The most common types of accident claim across all industries are slip, trip and fall accidents, and manual handling accidents. The hotel sector is no exception and these are also the most common types of hotel accident claims.

According to figures provided by the Health & Safety Executive (their data on work-related injuries in hotels and restaurants), slips and trips account for around 35% of all reported injuries to workers, and those involving manual handling accidents account for around 29% of all reported accidents in the hotel sector.

The latest figures reported by the HSE for 2007/08 stated that over 4000 accidents involving employees were reported in the hotel and restaurant sector, where the employee was absent for over 3 days, of which over 1000 were rated as major injuries.

Worryingly, the figure for absences of over 3-days has increased year-on-year since 2001/02. However, at the same time, the number of fatal injuries to hotel and restaurant workers are extremely rare, with only 1 death in 2007/08, down from 4 in the previous year.

Top of the list for areas that can pose risks for slip and trip accidents are of course bathrooms, hotel lobbies, with falls frequently occurring on staircases or from balconies. Car parks, entrance halls and food areas such as the canteen, kitchens and dining areas, also present possible accident risks.

Duty of care - accidents at work

If you are an employee injured in an hotel accident, this is an accident at work. The owner of the hotel, your employer, has a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for all their employees. A range of legislation, including The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, is in place to ensure that if your employer fails in this duty, and you are involved in an hotel accident that was not your fault, you may be able to make an accident claim for compensation.

Duty of care - diners, guests or visitors

Whether you are visiting the hotel on holiday, taking a business trip, or for some other reason, if you are a diner, guest or visitor, there is a duty on the owner to ensure you are not injured during your visit.

The Occupier’s Liability Act provides a framework for your protection, and may allow you to make an accident claim for compensation, should you be unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident that is not your fault.

You may be exposed to some of the same risks as employees, such as tripping accidents in hotels due to uneven flooring, or slipping accidents if spills are not quickly and effectively dealt with. There is also the possible risk of food poisoning, or hotel accidents whilst using the facilities provided, such as the swimming pool, or gym, where slipping accidents can occur due to wet floors.

All companies have a duty of care to ensure that their actions do not result in injury to members of the public who may be visiting their premises. In most cases, the owner will have public liability insurance, although it is not legally compulsory. This will cover them against the financial costs incurred in the event that they did not prevent an accident which results in personal injury to you.

Preventing accidents

Accidents happen when risks are not correctly addressed, or appropriate and timely maintenance is not carried out. Often poor or irregular maintenance can lead to hazards developing. If a good schedule of inspection is in place, many of these risk factors will be identified, and an accident can be avoided.

When spills occur, prompt action in highlighting the hazard with visible signage, and an appropriate method of cleaning away the hazard, should ensure an accident does not happen.

In addition to good maintenance, there are some obvious measures which the hotel owner can use to reduce the potential risk of accident.

Making an accident claim

Clear Answers has in-depth knowledge and experience in winning accident claims for all types of accidents, whether work-related or not, and including those which happen on private property, such as hotels.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an hotel accident, and it is the fault of someone else, you may be able to make an accident claim for compensation.

Time limits apply to bringing an accident claim, so always consult a specialist accident claim lawyer as soon as you think you may have a valid accident claim.

Clear Answers’ solicitors have been a leading force in winning accident claims for compensation for many decades. Contact us on 0800 783 9019 to discuss your accident claim.

Alternatively, complete one of our online accident claim forms and a representative will contact you as soon as possible. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the claims process and whether you have a valid accident claim for compensation.

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