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Corrina Mottram - Accident compensation solicitor

Accident compensation and medical negligence solicitor - London

Corrina has been a qualified personal injury solicitor for many years now, joining us as a graduate and carrying out her legal training contract as a solicitor in our Newcastle office before transferring down to London.

During her career, Corrina has only ever represented personal injury claimants, handling claims for compensation for almost every type of personal injury. She has represented clients across the South East of England, and successfully obtained accident compensation for accidents at work, road accidents and claims brought under the law relating to public liability. These have included personal injury resulting from slips, trips and falls, both in the workplace and in public buildings, falls from height, manual handling accidents, and road accidents involving all types of road users. Corrina has also had a great deal of success in handling occupational disease compensation claims, particularly those involving occupational asthma.

However, Corrina has also gained significant experience in handling medical negligence compensation claims such as surgical errors and misdiagnosis of conditions such as cancer. Having proved her experience and knowledge in that area, she joined our already strong medical negligence team in London, and handles a full range of cases resulting from injuries as a result of medical negligence. These include injuries to the mother during pregnancy and the birth, such as misdiagnosis or mistreated tears following delivery. Corrina is happy to bring her extensive experience to bear on these often complex and specialist cases.

Corrina is known for her collaborative style, always striving to obtain the best outcome for her client through negotiation and discussion. However, if she feels that the other side are not willing to meet her exacting expectations, she has no hesitation in issuing court proceedings in order to obtain the maximum compensation to which her client is entitled.

Corrina puts client care at the centre of all her negotiations. Her first priority is to obtain appropriate compensation for their suffering and to provide for their future needs, particularly if the personal injuries suffered by her client means that they will require long-term care or are left with a permanent disability.

Corrina is a member of APIL (The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers)

Successful accident compensation claims

Below is just a small sample of accident compensation claims that Corrina has successfully concluded.

Work accident compensation claim - Slipped on factory floor

Corrina’s client in this claim for work accident compensation was a factory worker who suffered a broken wrist when he slipped and fell at work. At the time of the work accident he had been about to switch off a machine, as a problem had been reported. As he walked towards the machine, he slipped on the oil on the metal floor and fell, landing heavily on his dominant hand, sustaining a severe fracture to his wrist.

The oil had leaked from the machine and had not been cleared up. It was well known that this machine regularly leaked, but no action had been taken to identify and correct the problem. Instead, management continued to merely request it to be cleaned up each time it occurs.

The area in which this work accident took place is poorly lit between the machines, so Corrina’s client could not see the spillage as he approached the machine. He was wearing the correct footwear, provided by the defendant, and the floor was a metal construction.

The defendant had failed to heed previous incidents regarding this particular machine, and had failed to take steps to make the working area safe. They had also failed to provide a safe working environment by ensuring the floor was of a non-slip type, and failed to install a system to clear up spillages or erect signage when spills occurred.

Corrina’s client suffered a serious fracture to the wrist of his dominant hand and has been left with severely restricted movement that will continue to affect his ability to carry out some duties previously available to him.

Corrina was forced to issue court proceedings in order to bring the other side to the negotiating table, but before trial was able to secure a settlement of £50,000 in work accident compensation for her client.

Public liability compensation claim - Food poisoning

A special occasion when family came together to celebrate a birthday ended in considerable pain and discomfort for two of the party. Corrina represented both members of this family when they suffered food poisoning as a result of consuming contaminated food at a restaurant.

Having not eaten together for some weeks prior to the dinner, and not again before the onset of their symptoms, the source of their poisoning was easily traced back to the restaurant as the only point of commonality.

The day following their meal, Corrina’s clients began to experience abdominal cramps, nausea and diarrhoea. Later that day, they experienced shaking, developed a fever and became very lethargic. The symptoms continued for several days in the case of one of the party, but several weeks for the other affected person.

The Health department subsequently investigated and confirmed this had been the source of the poisoning, which was due to the bacteria, campylobacter.

Although the restaurant owner initially denied liability, his insurers made several offers of compensation, which Corrina advised her clients to reject. She was eventually able to secure several thousand pounds for each of her clients for their suffering and discomfort, and in the case of one of her client, loss of income.

Comments from grateful clients

Comments from grateful accident compensation clients

"Corrina Mottram processed my claim with the utmost diligence, attending to every detail. The matter was dealt with in a short time given legal procedures, and I am very pleased with the outcome …"

"I was very pleased with the professional service provided by Corrina Mottram in pursuing my claim. She displayed the care necessary in achieving a positive outcome which is feature of the service offered …. "
Corrina secured personal injury for both of these client who each suffered a severe bout of food poisoning

"Thank you so much for your amazing help and support that you have given me over the last year. I am so grateful to you for achieving the outcome of this case for me - it means so much on many levels to me.Thank you for your calm and supportive attitude towards me - it really helped to keep me focussed and strong while we fought this case.I wish you well for the future.I have an do appreciate all that you have done for me."
Corrina secured compensation for this client who suffered as a result of her employer's negligent actions

Making a claim for accident compensation or medical negligence compensation

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