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Mesothelioma compensation news - 2009

Clear Answers' solicitors deal with a large number of all types of asbestos-related cases each year. Below are a selection of mesothelioma news items which we hope will be interesting to you.

To view the full story, click on the links below. Alternatively you can visit our Personal Injury News Section to view these stories and other successful personal injury and accident compensation claims that Clear Answers' solicitors have been involved in.

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Metalworker's widow receives mesothelioma compensation

When her husband, who had already contacted us regarding making a claim for personal injury compensation, died of mesothelioma, our client asked us to continue to represent her in bringing a claim for compensation for the death of her husband from an asbestos-related disease.

Her husband had not directly worked with asbestos but had been exposed to asbestos dust by his employer during his employment as an apprentice sheet metalworker in the 1960’s. Despite the employer initially denying liability, when our specialist asbestos solicitors brought court proceedings, we were able to secure a settlement of almost £150,000 in mesothelioma compensation.
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Mesothelioma compensation after prolonged exposure to asbestos

Now a pensioner, this client asked for our personal injury compensation claim advice when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma. This fatal disease had developed many years after his exposure to asbestos, a situation that is a feature of asbestos-related diseases.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers fought hard to secure the highest possible award in compensation for our client’s asbestos-related injury. They were successful in securing over £120,000 in mesothelioma compensation, which meant our client had the comfort of knowing that his family would be financially provided for after his death.
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Mesothelioma compensation for widow of lagger

When our client’s husband was diagnosed with the fatal asbestos-related disease mesothelioma, his serious condition caused him to reject making a claim, as he felt too unwell to proceed. Sadly, only in his sixties, he passed away without being able to secure his widow’s financial security.

Some time later, his widow asked for our asbestos-related compensation claim advice and we were able to proceed with a claim for the loss of her husband whose life had been cut short by many years.
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Mesothelioma compensation for engineer exposed to asbestos

An engineer, our client had led a varied, busy and much travelled life. He asked for our mesothelioma compensation claim advice when he was tragically diagnosed with this fatal asbestos-related disease, just a few short years after his retirement.

Our specialist asbestos compensation lawyers were able to obtain an award of well over £100,000 in mesothelioma compensation.
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Widow Of Boilermaker Wins Mesothelioma Compensation Claim

Sadly, many clients who ask for mesothelioma compensation claim advice from our specialist mesothelioma solicitors do not survive to receive their compensation. One such client, who wanted to pursue a mesothelioma compensation claim, was only in his 60’s when he was diagnosed with the fatal asbestos-related disease, and died within months of receiving the devastating news.

Our expert mesothelioma solicitors continued to fight the case on behalf of his widow and children and, after liability was admitted by the defendant, were able to secure over £170,000 in mesothelioma compensation.
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Making a mesothelioma compensation claim

We have a dedicated team of lawyers specialising in asbestos-related injuries who are able to offer expert claim advice in what can be very complicated personal injury claims. They have huge experience of such claims.

If you or your family have been affected by mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related disease and would like some advice about how to make a personal injury compensation claim contact Clear Answers' solicitors on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms.

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