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Picture of Sylvia and Harry Worth

Home > Personal Injury > Asbestos-Related Claims > Mesothelioma Compensation Claims > Sylvia Worth, Robbed of Her Husband By Mesothelioma

Sylvia Worth, Robbed of Her Husband By Mesothelioma

"They were very nice people. But they were also tough and tenacious negotiators and I have nothing but praise for the lawyer who handled Harry’s claim. "

Personal Injury Compensation For Mesothelioma Widow

“When my husband, Harry, was diagnosed with mesothelioma neither of us could believe it. He was astounded.

"Harry, who was in his late 60s, couldn’t even think of anywhere he might have been exposed to asbestos dust. He was a technical sales manager in the aerospace industry. He hadn’t been anywhere near asbestos that he knew of and thought you had to work with it for a lifetime to be affected.

"The reality was very different, as our lawyer’s impressively thorough research uncovered.

"Over 45 years earlier Harry had worked as a teenage apprentice on shipyards in Tyneside. Our laywer found that he’d worked alongside contractors who were applying asbestos insulation. It had taken the negligence of those contractors and 45 years for the asbestos dust he took into his lungs to take its horrible and speedy effect.

"Harry died just 4 months after the diagnosis. It was devastating.

"But before he died, we discussed the idea of pursuing compensation two or three times and with various groups of people, including experts. At first, we didn’t like the idea - we’re not ambulance chasers or anything like that. But gradually, as we learned more, we saw that by going the legal route could help others with their own claims and also help with raising money for research into a cure for mesothelioma.

"Also, if we didn’t take any action, Harry’s tragedy would just be reduced to a statistic. So eventually, we contacted these lawyers to take up his case for compensation.

"It happened after we got in touch with a local group that provides free advice and support for people and their families affected by asbestos. They showed us four or five solicitors’ brochures and we noticed that these lawyers didn’t charge their clients anything – they get their fees from the other side and the client keeps 100% of the settlement.

"Then, the head of the support group mentioned that they have a very good success rate.

"So we went to these lawyers and they were fantastic. I got a service you might not always expect from solicitors. They were very thorough and detailed in all their research - which is vital in cases like this as important records can be lost in the course of many years, often making it very difficult to pursue a claim.

"They also made a complicated process so much easier to deal with and explained everything every step of the way. In fact, I’d get a letter explaining whatever was happening and they’d also phone to explain it again or see if I had any queries. Anytime I phoned them and left a message I always got phoned back straightaway.

"They were very nice people. But they were also tough and tenacious negotiators and I have nothing but praise for the lawyer who handled Harry’s claim.

"To be honest, I was staggered by the settlement – it was 3 times what I was expecting.

"It can’t bring Harry back. I would rather be penniless and have him here for the next 20 years, but it wasn’t to be. But Harry would be glad to know my future is secured and I have given some of the money to a fund researching into finding a cure for mesothelioma.

"Harry asked me not to look back. It was and still is difficult at times. I am trying to continue to do the things we both enjoyed and would make him feel proud if he was here. I have become a volunteer in an organisation that helps ex-armed forces personnel in need of various kinds of support.

"I like to think Harry’s settlement has also played some part in helping others with mesothelioma.

"If it has, that’s thanks in no small part to our laywers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting to pursue a personal injury claim.

I doubt you’ll find better people to act for you anywhere.”

Sylvia Worth

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