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Dave Fisher - Asbestos compensation lawyer

Birmingham senior asbestos compensation lawyer

Specialising in cases involving asbestos-related diseases, Dave is based at our Birmingham office. Although he has many years of legal experience in all types of personal injury compensation claims and accident compensation claims, Dave has dedicated his time in recent years to winning asbestos-related claims for compensation for victims in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands.

Over time, Dave has naturally developed an in-depth understanding of the sensitive issues surrounding industrial disease compensation claims such as mesothelioma, particularly the difficulties that arise when employers and insurance companies are no longer in existence.

In some cases, Dave is able to bring the case to a conclusion within the lifetime of the victim, giving them the opportunity to be as comfortable as they are able in the time they have left. It also gives them the peace of mind that their loved ones will be financially secure after their death.

Dave’s extensive experience in dealing with this type of claim will help you and your family to obtain fair compensation for your suffering, as quickly as it is possible.

Dave, a Birmingham lawyer, is a member of The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.
He is a panel lawyer to the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team and Asbestos Support West Midlands.

Recent successful asbestos compensation claims

Here is just a small sample of the successful asbestos-related claims which Dave has been involved in.

Asbestos-related compensation - Deceased mesothelioma victim

Dave was asked to represent this client when he was given the devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma. Knowing that time may be short, Dave investigated the claim promptly but sadly, his client died before the claim was concluded. He continued to pursue a claim on behalf of his widow and family.

Dave was able to secure over £150,000 in mesothelioma compensation for the deceased's family, including a substantial interim payment, when he obtained evidence which forced the employer's insurers to admit liability. Court proceedings were begun because the insurers refused to negotiate, but before the trial date, settlement of the full value of the claim for our client's widow was agreed.

An engineer, Dave's client had worked for the same employer for many years, at various locations around the UK. He had been exposed to asbestos on a number of occasions, both during his own working practices in earlier years, but also during specific events as he supervised activities at some of those locations. Buildings which were subsequently found to have had asbestos used in their construction, which was damaged during works and went unchecked, posing a significant hazard to all who worked there.

Asbestos-related compensation - Mesothelioma - Interim payment

Our client was employed for his entire working life with British Rail and was exposed to asbestos over a number of years, without the provision of a facemask and in the absence of any warnings.

When he first experienced the onset of symptoms, he underwent an x-ray examination, a bronchoscopy and biopsies were taken, eventually confirming a diagnosis of mesothelioma. His life expectancy of perhaps 20 years was immediately reduced to less than one.

Liability was quickly admitted and Dave was firstly able to secure an interim payment for our client, and then conclude the claim within six months of instructions being received.

Asbestos-related compensation - Mesothelioma - two employers

This client had been exposed to asbestos by two subsequent employers during his early working life. He had not been provided with protective equipment, and had never been advised of the dangers of asbestos.

Our client was only in his 50’s when the diagnosis was confirmed. Following reconstruction surgery, he underwent extensive Chemotherapy. He died 14 months after his diagnosis when he should reasonably have expected to enjoy many more years. Dave fought a claim for mesothelioma compensation against both employers and our client was awarded almost £300,000.

Asbestos-related compensation - Mesothelioma - case went to trial

Only in his early 60’s, our client had worked entirely within the NHS and, on a daily basis, had been exposed to asbestos at his workplace. Following the onset of his symptoms, our client’s health deteriorated rapidly. He underwent several procedures, including a thorascopy, a pleurodesia, and palliative chemotherapy. Sadly, he died just 12 months after his diagnosis was confirmed.

Dave was then asked to continue the claim for mesothelioma compensation on behalf of the Executors of the Estate. The continued refusal to negotiate an acceptable settlement by the defendant, the NHS Trust, forced Dave to take the matter to trial, where the family was awarded over £155,000 in asbestos-related compensation.

Client comments

Here are just a couple of examples of thanks expressed by clients for whom Dave has successfully fought for asbestos-related compensation.

“My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your kindness, patience, understanding and professionalism, that you have shown to us during this sad time. We could not have had anyone better to stand in our corner than yourself and you have achieved that my life will be comfortable in the future. I thank you so very much. There will always be a warm welcome in our home if you are ever this way. Sincere best wishes to you”
Widow and family of a mesothelioma victim

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone involved for their support and advice during this time.  We know our Mother has found your kind words and advice a great help during this difficult time and would probably have given up on the case had it not have been for your help.  Both myself and my Brother are enormously grateful to you for your help on the day in Court as this was a very difficult time for us.”
Bereaved family of mesothelioma sufferer

“Without your guidance and support, your care and understanding, not to mention hard work, I would quite possibly have given up before now as it has been the most painful almost two years of my life. I can’t thank you enough.”
Widow of mesothelioma victim

Making an asbestos-related compensation claim

Clear Answers' lawyers have won important decisions in the highest courts in the UK for asbestos victims and have a proven commitment to their rights.

Telephone us now on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms, and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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