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Lorna Webster – Asbestos compensation solicitor

London senior asbestos compensation solicitor

Lorna began working for us many years ago as a secretary, and was fortunate enough to qualify for encouragement and financial support by the company, eventually qualifying as a solicitor. Both Lorna and the company were proud when she received a 2.1 after her years of evening study at the University of Westminster. Lorna went on to achieve a distinction pass in her Legal Practice Course and recognition by the Law Society as a result.

Quite early in Lorna’s career, she began working on asbestos-related compensation claims and quickly realised that this was the area that she wanted to specialise in – obtaining compensation for injured people who had been negligently (often with fatal consequences) exposed to asbestos by their employers.

For some years now, Lorna has worked solely on asbestos-related compensation claims and is our South East Region Asbestos Team Supervisor, based in our London office.

Lorna enjoys the satisfaction of winning compensation for her clients, as well as mentoring her team and colleagues, passing on her extensive knowledge of asbestos-related compensation claims.

Many of her clients will be suffering with serious asbestos-related diseases such as asbestos-related lung cancer, pleural thickening and asbestosis. Sadly, many will be suffering with mesothelioma and their life expectancy will be significantly reduced once they have received this devastating diagnosis. They have to put their entire trust in Lorna to fight their case and it is a responsibility she does not take lightly.

Often Lorna will have to deal with a widow or widower and they and any family look to her to get them some justice for a double tragedy – a loss of a loved one and anger at the terrible way that asbestos sufferers die, having been exposed to asbestos so many years ago through no fault of their own. For many people, meeting a solicitor can be daunting, and often this will be the first time they have done so. She tries to put them at their ease and is rewarded when they trust her to do her best for them.

Lorna regularly receives thank you letters, thanking her for her sympathetic and understanding approach. She is known to be friendly, efficient and professional in all her client dealings and in turn, she is touched by their situation – their gratitude is what continues to drive her on.

Lorna has earned a reputation for being very organised, with a strong attention to detail, skills that she uses to maximum effect when compiling the details of her cases. Lorna’s aim is to make the process as simple and easy to understand as possible. Where possible she will avoid using legal language with clients, explaining things in a way that makes sense to them – a real challenge given the complex legal issues that apply to asbestos-related disease claims.

Lorna is actively involved in various asbestos victim support groups in the South East Region and is a member of APIL at Senior Litigator level.

Successful asbestos compensation claims

Here is just a small sample of the many asbestos-related compensation claims that Lorna has dealt with.

Asbestos-related compensation claim - Mesothelioma compensation

Sadly, as with many clients who ask for our help in bringing a claim for mesothelioma compensation, this client died before Lorna could successfully conclude his claim. Lorna continued to represent the client’s family in order to obtain justice for his asbestos condition.

Lorna’s client, a former railman and train driver only in his 40s, developed mesothelioma because of his exposure to asbestos at work. There is no cure for mesothelioma and when confirmed, is always fatal. A previously healthy and active man who enjoyed cycling, walking and DIY, Lorna’s client was unable to continue with these hobbies and had to give up work, as his illness left him breathless and tired with persistent coughing and chest pain. He underwent several painful surgical procedures, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy as he fought to slow the progression of his disease.

Throughout his employment on the railways, our client routinely came into contact with asbestos, which was present in signal boxes and buildings and used as lagging in the engine rooms and cabs of trains. He was not warned about the dangers of asbestos or provided with any personal protective equipment by his employer to prevent him from inhaling the hazardous fibres.

Lorna was able to secure £350,000 in damages on behalf of his family, providing some financial security for the future.

Asbestos-related compensation claim – Asbestosis

Having completed his National Service in the early 1950’s, Lorna’s client worked for British Rail for the remainder of his working life.

In the 1970’s, several decades after he was negligently exposed to asbestos by his employer, her client began to suffer from shortness of breath. Initially, he put this down to the effects of an accident he had suffered at work some years earlier. However, he subsequently experienced breathing difficulties during an unrelated surgery procedure and further tests confirmed that her client was suffering from asbestosis.

Although he had not worked directly with asbestos, Lorna’s client was required to make his way on his stomach through many underground passageways in order to obtain cable and other items needed for his work. At the entrance to these “rabbit warrens” our client would see open asbestos sacks, exposed to the elements, particularly wind. As the wind caught these bags, the asbestos dust would be blown around, making the atmosphere within the tunnels very dusty and giving him no alternative but to inhale the dust. He was also exposed as he made his way past laggers and past pipes where the asbestos was old and flaked off as he came into contact with it.

Lorna entered into detailed correspondence and negotiation with the other side’s insurers and was able to secure £80,000 in asbestos-related compensation.

Asbestos-related compensation claim – Mesothelioma compensation

Lorna was able to secure almost a quarter of a million pounds for the family of this mesothelioma victim. Only in his 60’s her client’s husband had begun to experience breathlessness and a loss of energy several decades after he had been negligently exposed to asbestos. Towards the end of his illness, her client’s husband had been taken into a hospice and it was his widow’s wish that some of the money would be put towards the cost of his care there. The remainder, of course, ensured financial security for herself and her family following the premature death of her husband.

A trainee coppersmith, he had only worked for the defendant for a couple of years. During this time, he had been exposed to asbestos through the asbestos lagging to steam pipes. Although not working directly with the asbestos, the lagging was generally in a poor condition and was often damaged or broken, causing the factory air itself to be very dusty.

Comments from grateful asbestos-related clients

Here is just a small sample of the letters of thanks that Lorna receives every year from clients for whom she has secured asbestos-related compensation.

"Lorna Webster visited my father whilst he was terminally ill with lung cancer. Her visit was performed with the utmost of professionalism, efficiency & with empathy. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company if all of your staff are of the same calibre as Ms Webster."
Daughter of asbestos victim who died from his asbestos-related lung cancer

"The service received so far has been excellent. We have been kept informed of developments and any queries have been answered quickly and clearly. All staff have been polite, courteous and efficient."
Recipient of compensation for the onset of pleural thickening

"I’ll never be able to thank you enough – Best wishes."
Recipient of work accident compensation

"Lorna … I guess that we will not be speaking again now that this is over so I thought I would just say thanks for all your help. Throughout you have been efficient, supportive and informative in all your dealings with me in this matter and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others how find themselves in a similar situation. Thanks again and all the best for the future."
Son of asbestosis victim who received asbestos-related compensation

"Thank you so much for all you did for …. She enjoyed meeting you and often spoke of how she was so impressed by your efficiency and charming personality as I was."
Sister of a mesothelioma victim

Making an asbestos-related compensation claim

Clear Answers' lawyers have won important decisions in the highest courts in the UK for asbestos victims and have a proven commitment to their rights.

Telephone us now on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms, and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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