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Toxic Torts

Environmental health claims, or toxic torts as they are known, can arise in a number of circumstances.

These claims cover cases where industrial waste is pumped into the environment whether it be the sea, the rivers, the air; it also covers cases where there are leaks of chemical or radioactive waste; cases of noise pollution, and so on.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer an illness, disease or injury as a result of any such circumstance, it is possible that you may be able to bring a claim for damages, otherwise known as compensation.

There are various potential grounds for establishing a right to compensation, each dependent on the type of exposure; and in each type of case detailed evidence will be necessary to establish that the substance is capable of causing the injury complained of, that it did in fact cause injury in this case, that there was a foreseeable risk of such injury occurring and that the person or body responsible was negligent or in breach of statutory duty in allowing or causing the leak or discharge to occur.

If you believe that you are suffering an illness, disease or injury as a result of something in the environment, always keep any evidence to support the exposure, make sure that you seek medical advice and that your treating doctors are made aware of your belief / suspicion of the cause and keep details of all doctors visited and treatments, and for any injury related expenses.

Please visit our section on information and advice for more details on making a personal injury compensation claim.

Strict time limits apply to making a claim for any type of personal injury, so please contact an experienced solicitor as soon as you think you may have a claim for compensation.

Clear Answers lawyers are experts in all aspects of personal injury work and in how to pursue claims for damages. They will be able to advise you whether a claim for damages is possible, give guidance and assistance on how the claim can be pursued and ensure that all the correct evidence is obtained to secure the best result for you.


Often it becomes clear during the progress of some toxic tort cases that you are just one victim of many who have been injured or suffered an illness following exposure to environmental hazards.

The courts will coordinate the legal action of such cases and lead solicitors will be appointed to represent the claimants and / or to deal with one or more of the legal issues. Clear Answers have extensive experience in handling multi party claims and our specialist personal injury lawyers are experts in assisting in the complex legal processes involved.

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