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Cathryn Davies - Medical negligence solicitor

Cardiff senior medical negligence solicitor

Cathryn Davies has over 20 years of experience as a specialist solicitor in the field of medical negligence claims. A member of the Clinical Negligence Team, Cathryn has dealt with all types of medical negligence compensation claims, throughout Wales and England, acting for both children and patients.

Based in our Cardiff office, she has acted for clients involved in group action claims, including Valium, Hepatitis, hip replacement joints and organ retention. She also has extensive expertise in Healthcare Acquired infection cases such as MRSA and Clostridium Difficile and has dealt with many cases concerning birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, amputation and laparoscopic injury cases.

A Cardiff solicitor, Cathryn also has extensive experience in a wide range of claims for compensation related to industrial diseases and exposure to harmful substances and chemicals. A member of the Wales region’s Serious Injury Team, many of her cases involve complex cases such as brain injury.

Cathryn’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience will help you and your family secure the maximum personal injury or accident compensation to which you are entitled, as quickly as possible.

Cathryn is a member of, and provides advice and expertise to, many legal and related organisations, including:

Recent successful medical negligence compensation claims

Here is just a small sample of the range of medical negligence, personal injury and accident compensation claims that Cathryn has successfully concluded in recent months.

Medical negligence compensation claim - Misdiagnosis

Diagnosed with DVT, and failure to re-assess her condition correctly, our client suffered several days of severe pain before the correct diagnosis was made. Treatment she had initially received had actually increased her suffering and the delay in receiving correct treatment meant that when corrective surgery was carried out she was left with permanent scarring at the site of the operation.

The defendant’s insurers refused to negotiate a settlement and Cathryn was forced to issue court proceedings. However, prior to the trial date, Cathryn was able to negotiate an acceptable settlement that included loss of earnings and damages for her prolonged suffering as a result of the misdiagnosis.

Medical negligence compensation claim - Misdiagnosis leading to amputation

Our client eventually had to undergo the amputation of her leg when she was mis-diagnosed as having suffered knee strain. She was in fact suffering with necrotising fasciitis and the delay meant that the affected area was substantially greater than would have been the case had she been correctly diagnosed when first presenting with the symptoms.

Prior to the trial date, Cathryn was able to secure substantial compensation for this client who has been left with a significant disability.

Medical negligence compensation claim - Gall bladder surgery

What should have been a routine gall bladder operation left Stuart Duncan with multiple organ failure and septicaemia. After nine weeks in Intensive Care and eight further operations, there was no possibility of returning to his old job.

Cathryn assessed what had happened and made a claim for medical negligence compensation against the hospital trust. The trust made several offers but Cathryn kept on rejecting them until they made an offer she felt was fair.

Stuart Duncan said “To be honest, it was more than we expected and we’re over the moon!”

Work accident compensation claim - Serious accident at work

A chef, our client was injured at work when preparing ingredients, suffering severe and deep lacerations to several fingers. His treatment at the hospital also proved to be negligent resulting in some permanent disabilities due to a delay in corrective surgery. He also became infected with MRSA, which, though serious, was eventually cleared.

Cathryn was forced to issue court proceedings when the defendant’s insurer refused to negotiate a satisfactory settlement. Her tough negotiation skills secured acceptable compensation for our client, which included loss of earnings during his recovery, as well as loss of future income.

Medical negligence compensation claim – Cerebral palsy

When medical negligence occurs during the birth of a child, not only is it catastrophic for the child and their parents, it is often many years before the full long-term prognosis can be known. Bringing a claim for medical negligence compensation can also be extremely complicated. Cathryn has recently successfully concluded such a case, seven years after her client’s birth.

This client suffered birth injuries when her mother’s labour was negligently mismanaged. The umbilical cord became trapped around the baby’s neck, resulting in severe damage to the cells in her central nervous system as she suffered hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy, causing cerebral palsy. Effectively dead for eight minutes, she was left with permanent disability and cannot speak, walk, stand or sit unaided. She also has serious visual problems and profound learning difficulties, and is entirely dependant upon her family and carers.

The claim for medical negligence compensation was brought on her behalf by her parents and Cathryn was able to negotiate a seven-figure sum for this catastrophic injury. During the progress of the claim, Cathryn was able to secure a substantial interim payment, which allowed the family to purchase alternative accommodation, much more suited to the needs of her client, and with potential for adaptation to meet her future needs, including paid care.

Whilst Cathryn was pleased to have been able to help this family and secure their financial stability, she commented that her client’s condition would never have occurred, had the correct procedures been followed at her birth.

Client comments

Below is just one example of the testimonials Cathryn has received following successful medical negligence claims.

“Eventually we got an offer we accepted. To be honest, it was more than we expected and we’re over the moon!” Stuart Duncan

Making a medical negligence compensation claim

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