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Cosmetic surgery compensation claims

Can I make a personal injury compensation claim?

It is possible to make a personal injury compensation claim if you have undergone cosmetic surgery, which has gone wrong due to the surgeon's negligence.

As cosmetic surgery is now very popular and there are more procedures being carried out than ever before, the number of errors made is also increasing.

Obviously, surgery of any kind carries a risk; however, if you are left with an unexpected scar or the need for corrective surgery due to the surgeon's negligence then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Government launches review into the cosmetic surgery industry

During the recent scandal surrounding breast implants, the government promised to carry out a review into the cosmetic surgery industry.

The review's remit will be to make sure that the cosmetic surgery industry is focused on patient safety and care, as well as the safety of products used in cosmetic procedures.

Patients undergoing cosmetic surgery should be provided with sufficient and accurate information before making the decision to proceed, including whether the person carrying out the procedure has the appropriate qualifications. They also need to know what aftercare is provided by the clinic, particularly when problems arise as a result of the procedure.
More about Government launches review into the cosmetic surgery industry

More cosmetic surgery news
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Personal injury claim advice regarding cosmetic surgery

If you have been left with a visible scar or defect from your surgery, it would be advisable to take photographs of the area as the healing process takes place and contact a personal injury solicitor for more advice.

If you contact Clear Answers for assistance, your solicitor will be part of a specialist team. Our specialist team have expertise in cases involving medical accidents. The solicitor appointed to your case will be able to give you claim advice specific to your individual case. If you prefer, you can request advice from a female or male solicitor, both of whom will have had considerable experience of dealing with such cases. Rest assured that your enquiry will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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Cosmetic surgery news stories

Clear Answers' lawyers deal with very many successful cases of all types of medical negligence and personal injury claims. We have teams of experts with a wealth of experience in your type of accident or injury, waiting to help you claim your rightful compensation.

Please visit our regularly updated Personal Injury News Section to view some examples of our successful personal injury accident compensation claims.

Below are just a couple of examples of a cosmetic surgery news items. Please read the full story by clicking on the links.

Fear of personal injury from cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic Surgery is now more popular than ever before and it has been reported that in 2005 alone, approximately 22,000 procedures were carried out in the UK. The majority of the surgeries are carried out by private surgeons and in 2005; approximately £225 million was spent on cosmetic procedures.

The most popular surgeries include breast implants, face lifts, nose-reshaping and fat reduction operations. There are also many procedures carried out which do not require the traditional "surgery" and are carried out using injections or lasers.
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Lawyers' warning on uninsured cosmetic surgeons
Having cosmetic surgery without ensuring the surgeon has a valid insurance certificate could make it impossible to sue if things go wrong, leading medical negligence law firm Thompsons has warned.

The advice comes after Birmingham man Niall Sheehan received £9,700 in compensation for a botched nose operation which has left him with breathing difficulties and in need of further surgery.
More about Lawyers' warning on uninsured cosmetic surgeons

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Making a personal injury compensation claim for cosmetic surgery errors

Clear Answers' Solicitors are experts in all matters relating to personal injury and are very experienced in dealing with claims relating to cosmetic surgery. They will be able to advise you as to whether or not you have a valid compensation claim and their specialist personal injury lawyers will be happy to talk you through the process in plain English as well as answering any questions or queries you may have.

Have you or a member of your family suffered as a result of medical negligence such as surgical error during cosmetic surgery? For more information about our service or for advice about whether we can assist you with a surgical error compensation claim contact us today on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms. One of our representatives will contact you (without obligation) to discuss the matter further within 24 hours (48 hours at weekends).

Strict time limits apply for making a personal injury compensation claim, so please seek expert legal advice as soon as you think you may have a valid claim for compensation.

Please visit our section on information and advice for more details on making a personal injury compensation claim.

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