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Hospital complaints

Successful hospital complaint cases we have dealt with

Client Required Repeated Surgery Due To Negligence By Hospital Nurses
Our client’s pre medical history is that she had been left with reduced mobility because of a problem with one of her legs. Ultimately a problem with her other leg developed due to over compensation for the weakness. A full knee replacement was recommended and this was carried out in hospital.

Following the surgery, our client was an inpatient and was advised that, due to her being unsteady, she should ask for assistance if she needed to get out of bed. She had already suffered one fall but needed to get out of bed during the night. She called for a nurse who assisted her to get out of bed. However, when our client wanted to return to bed, she was unable to reach the call bell, and was unable to raise anyone by shouting. Although she could hear nurses nearby, and other patients tried to summon help by using their own call bell, no one came to her assistance.

Eventually our client tried to return to bed on her own but fell again, opening the wound on her knee as she did so. Although the wound was treated at the time, the knee did not heal as expected and eventually an infection was identified and further surgery had to be carried out. Firstly, our client had to have the knee replacement removed, and then a new knee replacement inserted some weeks later.

All of this additional surgery meant that our client had to endure an extended hospital stay and then be re-admitted for the final knee replacement. The final outcome is far short of expectations. Initially medical evidence had thought she would regain 100 degree flexion, but this only reached 30 degrees and she has been advised this is now permanent. She is unable to walk more than 5 minutes, and has difficulty with stairs and getting on and off the bus.

The defendants admitted liability for this case of hospital negligence, in that they had failed to carry out appropriate risk assessments which would have identified alternative nursing practices, including making sure staff were available to assist her when required. Court proceedings had to be issued in this complaint against the hospital before the other side’s insurers offered an acceptable settlement. As a pensioner, there was no loss of earnings to contest, but our expert personal injury solicitors were able to secure £18,500 in hospital complaint compensation.

Medical negligence news stories

Clear Answers' lawyers deal with very many successful cases of all types of medical negligence and personal injury claims. We have teams of experts with a wealth of experience in your type of accident or injury, waiting to help you claim your rightful compensation.

Please visit our regularly updated Personal Injury News Section to view some examples of our successful personal injury accident compensation claims and other news items.

Below is just a sample of medical negligence claims involving negligent hospital treatment. Please read the full story by clicking on the links.

Medical negligence compensation for missed fracture

Our client suffered a fracture to her foot and when examined by medical staff on arrival at hospital, she was x-rayed and advised that she had not suffered a fracture. She was advised to keep her leg elevated but also to undertake gentle walking exercise.

When this diagnosis was subsequently found to be incorrect, and our client suffered considerable life-changing circumstances, she asked our specialist medical negligence lawyers about making a claim for medical negligence compensation. They were able to secure over £100,000 in compensation for her negligent treatment.
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Medical negligence compensation after death of a patient

Our client in this claim for medical negligence compensation was a widow who had lost her husband whilst they were only in their 50’s. Both had been fit and active, and enjoyed an active and social lifestyle. His death occurred just days after he had been taken to hospital where they had failed to diagnose deep vein thrombosis.

Our specialist medical negligence lawyers were able to negotiate a six-figure sum in medical negligence compensation for our client, which whilst in no-way compensating for the loss of her husband, should ensure that she is financially secure following his premature and untimely death.
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Medical negligence compensation after misdiagnosis results in leg amputation

A string of medical negligence errors and missed opportunities to correctly diagnose and treat this client resulted in the amputation of his lower leg. Despite repeated visits to his GP and his local A&E department, he was told on numerous occasions that the cause of the chronic pain in his leg was probably due to a torn or ripped muscle.

Even when tests were carried out, further errors were made. On one occasion, a DVT scan was carried out on the wrong part of his leg, naturally showing no sign of a problem.
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Medical negligence compensation for missed tendon injury

Our client had accidentally lacerated his finger with a knife whilst working at home. He attending his local A&E department where he was examined, the wound dressed and glued, and then discharged.

Our client had rejected offers by the NHS Trust in relation to the negligent medical treatment. Our specialist medical negligence compensation lawyer made an offer to the Trust on behalf of the claimant and this was accepted. Our client received over £17,000 in medical negligence compensation for his suffering and on-going disability.
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Compensation claim for medical negligence

Have you or a member of your family suffered as a result of medical negligence? For more information about our service or for advice about whether we can assist you with a medical negligence compensation claim contact us today on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms. One of our representatives will contact you (without obligation) to discuss the matter further within 24 hours (48 hours at weekends).

Strict time limits apply for making a personal injury compensation claim, so please seek expert legal advice as soon as you think you may have a valid claim for compensation.

Please visit our section on information and advice for more details on making a personal injury compensation claim.

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