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Missed fractures

Hospitals can miss the diagnosis in accident and emergency departments and fracture clinics.

Missed fractures by hospital medical staff

A patient has a fall and goes to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital. There may be an x-ray taken, or maybe not.

The patient is reassured that it is just a sprain, though it may take time to heal and be painful for some time.

Weeks later, the joint is still swollen and painful: perhaps the GP sends them back for an x-ray. It is found that the sprain was in fact a fracture.

If x-rays were taken at the start, they may be checked and found to show a fracture which had been missed. In circumstances like these, failing to x-ray the joints in the first place or missing the fracture on the x-ray may be hard for the hospital to defend. The real issue will be what would have happened if it had been picked up straight away. Perhaps it would have been slow to heal in any event? Perhaps no surgery will be needed despite the delay? If it can be proved that on balance of probability, the outcome is worse than it would have been with prompt diagnosis and treatment, then there is a probable claim for medical negligence.

The outcome can be very serious too - it may involve long-term pain and an inability to use the joint. The only solution for the pain may be an arthrodesis, to stiffen the joint, rendering it pain free but not very useful. And if you need a strong wrist for your job, whether driving, or moving loads, for example, the impact on earnings ability may be very serious.

The classic case of a missed fracture is the scaphoid - not easy to see on the initial x-ray, so much so that checks a week or so later are often recommended.

Missed scaphoid fracture results in medical negligence compensation

Our specialist medical negligence compensation solicitors were asked to represent this client when he was left with ongoing conditions following negligent medical treatment by the staff at his local hospital.

We were able to secure substantial medical negligence compensation for our client following extensive negotiation with the representatives of his Healthcare NHS Trust.
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Clear Answers' lawyers deal with very many successful cases of all types of medical negligence and personal injury claims. We have teams of experts with a wealth of experience in your type of accident or injury, waiting to help you claim your rightful compensation.

Please visit our regularly updated Personal Injury News Section to view some examples of our successful personal injury accident compensation claims.

In one case a community nurse in her sixties was dismissed as worrying about nothing - in fact there was a missed fracture. Unable to drive, she had to retire early from a job she loved. We recovered compensation for her loss of earnings and her pain and suffering for the extra period of pain she had suffered.

Below is just one other example of a claim for medical negligence. Please read the full story by clicking on the link.

Medical negligence compensation for missed fracture

Our client suffered a fracture to her foot and when examined by medical staff on arrival at hospital, she was x-rayed and advised that she had not suffered a fracture. She was advised to keep her leg elevated but also to undertake gentle walking exercise.

When this diagnosis was subsequently found to be incorrect, and our client suffered considerable life-changing circumstances, she asked our specialist medical negligence lawyers about making a claim for medical negligence compensation. They were able to secure over £100,000 in compensation for her negligent treatment.
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Compensation claim for medical negligence

Have you or a member of your family suffered as a result of medical negligence? For more information about our service or for advice about whether we can assist you with a medical negligence compensation claim contact us today on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms. One of our representatives will contact you (without obligation) to discuss the matter further within 24 hours (48 hours at weekends).

Strict time limits apply for making a personal injury compensation claim, so please seek expert legal advice as soon as you think you may have a valid claim for compensation.

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