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Employers Liability

Clear Answers give specialist claim advice to military personnel who have a possible personal injury claim arising from their service. We have lawyers who have argued military injury claims for MOD employees at the highest level and who have overcome arguments by MOD lawyers that they are not liable to pay compensation in serious personal injury claims.

It is essential to seek specialist advice for such an injury because the law is complex and you need a lawyer who understands when claims can be made and what compensation can be pursued.

Some difficult legal issues we discuss in outline below are:

  • Time limits: the significance of 1987.
  • PTSD - the important landmark compensation cases won this year on behalf of 2000 ex -servicemen with post traumatic stress disorder and what happens if any doctor treats you negligently.
  • how to make a claim against the MOD for an accident in your work, in any road traffic accident or if you have been assaulted.
  • how time limits apply to asbestos injury victims in the MOD.

We explain some "myths" that wrongly stop MOD servicemen and servicewomen from pursuing compensation:

  • you can still make a claim if an injury occurred on military duty as long as it was not in active combat
  • you can make an accident claim through the courts and also recover compensation for the same injury through the MOD compensation schemes or War Pension.

All of this needs lawyers who understand these complex military injury claims. We have solicitors who are tried and tested in these claims and who resisted MOD arguments after an important case in 2003 that they were not liable in MOD compensation claims.

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