Manual Handling Accident Compensation For Ambulance Driver Provided With Unsuitable Equipment
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Home > News > Ambulance Driver Injured In Manual Handling Accident At Work

12th August 2008

Ambulance Driver Injured In Manual Handling Accident At Work

Our client asked for accident claim advice from our specialist personal injury lawyers following his accident at work. His back injuries at work were completely avoidable had his employer taken notice of concerns expressed by both our client and several of his colleagues. The response to these concerns regarding manual handling regulations with regard to a particular patient, and the risk of personal injury posed to all operatives, was that these circumstances were unavoidable, that they should use the equipment available and to get on and do their job.

Injuries At Work Due To Inappropriate Work Equipment

The accident at work happened because our client had to use a wheelchair to assist a patient into an ambulance using a ramp. At the time of his back injury at work, our client was driving a vehicle that had a standard ramp, which had to be lowered to the pavement at an angle. These ramps are quite narrow, not the full width of the ambulance itself, which meant that manually handling a wheelchair up this steep slope could only be done by one person. This was despite the fact that this particular patient had been transported several times in the weeks leading up to his injury at work, and had been designated as requiring a two person crew.

On the occasion of the work related injury, our client had managed to push the wheelchair towards the ramp, on flat ground. However, as he pushed it up the ramp, and gave a final push to get over the top lip of the ramp, he felt a sharp pain in his lower back. Although in some pain, he managed to complete his shift, avoiding any duties that required lifting or handling.

The Consequences Of His Injuries At Work

The day after his back injury at work, he was in such pain he visited his GP who told him to rest and take painkillers. Although he returned to work after a week, he continued to suffer pain in his back and, following an MRI scan, was advised that he had suffered a slipped disc. When it became clear that he would be unable to continue working in a job which involved extensive manual handling, he was retired on the grounds of ill health, as his employer was unable to offer alternative suitable employment. He is now awaiting an operation for corrective surgery.

Providing A Safe System Of Working

Although some were in operation at the time of our client’s accident at work, all vehicles with manual ramps were subsequently phased out in favour of those that are fitted with automatic hydraulic ramps. This removes the need for operatives to manually handle patients up the ramp.

Personal Injury Compensation

The defendant (his employer) refused to accept full responsibility for his back injuries at work and our specialist accident advice solicitors were forced to issue court proceedings. However, before trial, they were able to negotiate a substantial settlement for the client, in compensation for his injury at work.

Compensation Claims For Manual Handling

Clear Answers has extensive experience in all types of accident at work compensation claims. Whether your injury at work was due to the negligence on the part of your employer, or some other cause, Clear Answers’ lawyers have teams of specialists waiting to help you, should you decide to instruct us to represent you in your compensation claim.

If you select Clear Answers to represent you in your claim, we will be happy to provide you with expert legal advice, and our specialist lawyers will talk you through the claims process in plain English. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your claim.

If you or a family member has been injured in these circumstances, please ring us on 0800 783 9019 and speak to one of our advisers. Alternatively, if you prefer to complete one of our on-line compensation claim forms, one of our representatives will contact you as quickly as possible

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