Baby Left With Scarring due to Medical Negligence
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7th December 2006

Incorrect Delivery Method Injures Newborn Child

A mother from Cheadle has commenced legal action after her child sustained lacerations to her head during birth.

Ellie Best, born on the 18th April 2004 was left with the lacerations after a member of the medical staff involved in the delivery opted for the wrong method of delivery. Hospital staff chose to use the Ventouse cup method of delivery instead of a forceps delivery

A Ventouse delivery may be required when there are difficulties with the delivery of a baby. A small cup is attached to the child's head which provides suction to aid the delivery.

In this case a cup was placed on her head. However attempts to deliver her in this way were unsuccessful. Eventually the medical staff decided to use a forceps delivery which was ultimately successful.

Lack of Information

Mother of Ellie, Ms Rachel Best, comments "Ellie was in the back to back and brow position which meant that Ellie's forehead was apparent and assisted delivery by forceps should have been used. Instead, three attempts were made using the Ventouse cup. It was quite clearly the wrong decision and the staff should have known that. As a result Ellie has visibly bad scarring. She has needed to be referred to a plastic surgeon for her injuries and it is uncertain at the moment whether she will need any future surgery."

In addition to this Ms Best argues that she was given no information about the potential drawbacks of using the Ventouse cup in delivering the baby. She explains: "I want other mothers to be aware of the implications of using a Ventouse cup. Hospital staff should explain upfront why and when it should be used and what effect it can have on the baby."

Acting on behalf of Ms Best is Adam Smith of Clear Answers lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors, he comments: "The use of the Ventouse cup is not unusual, but there are specific circumstances when it should be applied. In the case of Ms Best and Ellie, hospital staff should have attempted forceps delivery to begin with. This would have prevented any injury to the baby's head."

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