Injured making Television Programme
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1st March 2006

Injured making TV programme

Clear Answer's Lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors have just won compensation in an accident claim for a man injured at work whilst making a TV programme.

Our client was a location manager on a programme directed by David Jason and the programme had scenes in the Lake District. There were high winds; however, the management thought it vital to complete the shoot on that day.

The decision was taken to film, even though the wind was causing "mini-tidal waves" on the lake.

Due to the bad weather, it was felt unsafe to film at the chosen location, therefore our client's employer directed the filming unit to Honister Pass, which looked similar. The claimant and many others expressed their concerns, in respect of the wind and the risk to health and safety, to senior members of the staff.

The party left the vehicle and confirmed their views that it was unsafe due to the wind, which was sufficient to require them to crouch down.

On returning to the vehicle a gust of wind caught all the production crew, causing all to fall over. The claimant, however, being closer to the road side, was blown from the road and landed in a rocky beck or gully to the side, causing injuries including a broken knee cap and elbow.

Employers Liability

The Judge held that there was a reasonably foreseeable risk of injury and in particular that the defendant should have perceived the risk in that they were aware of the problems with the wind at the lower / less exposed base camp location and it was common sense that it would be windier up the hill side.

The Judge rejected the possibility of the claimant being partly to blame as he had made his concerns known to his superiors on several occasions; however, these fell on "deaf ears". In the Judge's view there was nothing more that Mr Hordley could have done short of walking off set and refusing to work. The Judge was firmly of the view that the defendants had put the claimant in the way of harm and he had no choice or way of avoiding it.

The claimant was therefore successful and recovered compensation totalling £37,007.95.

Making a Personal Injury Compensation Claim

If you have suffered an injury due to an accident at work, which was not your fault, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Clear Answers' Solicitors are experts in dealing with personal injury claims and may be able to help you make a compensation claim.

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