Accident at work compensation - tripping hazard created by accumulated rubbish in confined space
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14th April 2009

Known tripping hazard ignored causing accident at work

Although it was known that the exit of the building where he worked was often obstructed by a build-up of waste bags, management had failed to reduce or remove the risk, exposing our client to a reasonably foreseeable risk of injury presented by this tripping hazard.

When he did indeed trip and fall over the bags, and injure his shoulder, he asked for accident at work compensation advice from our specialist personal injury lawyers, the most experienced personal injury law firm in the UK.

Although the defendant eventually admitted primary liability, their insurers refused to negotiate an acceptable settlement.

Clear Answers’ specialist lawyers issued court proceedings for this slip, trip and fall compensation claim. However, they were eventually able to negotiate an acceptable settlement prior to the trial date.

Tripping accident at work

A cleaner, our client’s duties included removing rubbish bags to an outside yard of the building at the end of his shift. To exit the building he had to negotiate a small lobby between two sets of secure double door. As these were opened by pushing a button, it was already a rather difficult situation to negotiate between the doors, as well as manoeuvring the bags around the doors.

Although he had been aware that other bags were already accumulating within the lobby, as he entered, he tripped over the bags, which were occupying a substantial amount of the small lobby area. As he tripped and fell, he banged his head and shoulder on the second set of doors, which were closed. He was taken to hospital by ambulance and X-rayed.

Fortunately, he had suffered no broken bones and his head injury not serious. However, when his shoulder injury did not improve after several weeks of physiotherapy, he was diagnosed as suffering from an injury to his shoulder. It took some considerable time to resolve his injury and he was unable to return to work for many months.

Breach of Regulations

Our specialist personal injury lawyers fought this claim for workplace accident compensation on the basis that our client had not only suffered an injury at work, through breaches of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, but the defendant, his employer, had also been in breach of the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957.

The defendant had failed to maintain a safe workplace, provide a safe system of work, or to warn our client that the area presented a possible hazard due to the accumulation of bags.

They had also failed to implement any regular or effective inspections, which would have identified the risk to our client, providing the opportunity to remedy the risk prior to his accident.

This was a tripping accident at work that was entirely avoidable.

Accident at work compensation

Although court proceedings had been issued, the defendant had admitted primary liability. Our specialist personal injury lawyers continued to negotiate and were eventually able to secure substantial accident at work compensation, which our client felt able to accept.

Injury at work compensation claims

Clear Answers’ lawyers are specialists in all types of injuries at work, including slips trips and falls. We have teams of experts waiting to help you, should you decide to instruct us to represent you in your accident claim.

Our advisers will be happy to talk you through the injury at work claims process, in plain English. They will provide you with expert legal advice to answer any questions you may have regarding your personal injury claim.

If you or a family member has suffered any type of accident at work, including slips, trips or falls, please ring us on 0800 783 9019 and speak to one of our advisers. Alternatively, you may prefer to complete our online compensation claim forms and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

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