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26th June 2008

Asbestos-Related Diseases – Justice for Affected Families

A dedicated team of lawyers in the Midlands, who fight for compensation on behalf of people suffering from asbestos related diseases, have recovered over £8.4 million for clients in the last 12 months.

Clear Answers' lawyers specialist asbestos teams have successfully obtained compensation on behalf of asbestos sufferers and their families.

In the Midlands, thousands of workers were exposed to asbestos dust while working in heavy industries like car manufacture. Many others were exposed to asbestos during their employment in factories, building sites and even in schools and canteens.

This specialist legal team provides assistance to people with asbestos related diseases including mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

The firm only ever acts for injured people and has a long tradition of representing trade unions, their members and their families by providing high quality legal advice.

The firm is known for its campaigning stance on issues affecting people exposed to asbestos.

Successful Claims For Asbestos-Related Diseases

Among the successful cases completed this year by the Nottingham, Birmingham and Stoke offices was the £40,000 worth of damages obtained for a former MG Rover worker who was diagnosed with pleural thickening.

The 79-year-old, who does not wish to be named, was exposed to asbestos while working as an electrician and then as a maintenance manager for MG Rover in Birmingham. The condition has left him breathless and unable to carry out many household tasks.

He said: “I now get out of breath if I do any physical exercise. It is frustrating. I can still do some things I enjoy, like DIY around the home, but everything takes me longer. I have to rest to get my breath.”

He was exposed to asbestos when he started work at 17. The material was used in the car industry for its heat resistant and insulation properties.

Campaigning For Justice For Sufferers And Their Families

During the last year the asbestos team has campaigned for the level of bereavement payments for mesothelioma sufferer’s families to be brought in line with those paid in Scotland.

They have also been involved in the union led campaign to restore compensation for people diagnosed with pleural plaques after the right was withdrawn by a House of Lords decision last year. The Government has just recently announced a consultation which is expected to be published this month.

The firm are currently involved in a nine week High Court test case to protect the rights to compensation for mesothelioma sufferers and their families. A judgement is expected in the autumn.

Head of the Regional asbestos litigation team, Terry Loughrey said: “During the last year the compensation we have won for our clients has made a real difference to their lives. Many of them were seriously disabled or terminally ill because they were negligently exposed to asbestos during their employment. They have been able to pursue successful claims without it costing them a penny.

“Compensation payments for asbestos victims have been under siege from the insurance industry and we shall continue to fight for our clients to ensure their rights are protected.”

Compensation Claims

Clear Answers’ lawyers have a reputation for obtaining the maximum compensation for people who suffer from an asbestos-related disease as a result of negligence by the employer. Our teams of experts are waiting to help you, should you decide to instruct us to represent you in your claim. We will be happy to provide you with expert legal advice, to answer any questions you may have regarding your claim and to talk you through the claims process in plain English.

If you or a family member is suffering or has suffered an asbestos-related disease, please ring us on 0800 783 9019 and speak to one of our advisers. Alternatively, a representative will contact you personally if you complete one of our on-line compensation claim forms.

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