Substantial medical negligence compensation for widow - husband died suddenly of deep vein thrombosis
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29th November 2010

Medical negligence compensation after death of a patient

Our client in this claim for medical negligence compensation was a widow who had lost her husband whilst they were only in their 50's. Both had been fit and active, and enjoyed an active and social lifestyle. His death occurred just days after he had been taken to hospital where they had failed to diagnose deep vein thrombosis.

Our specialist medical negligence lawyers were able to negotiate a six-figure sum in medical negligence compensation for our client, which whilst in no-way compensating for the loss of her husband, should ensure that she is financially secure following his premature and untimely death.

Symptoms of deep vein thrombosis

A fit and active man, our client's husband had been only in his 50's when he died. On the day that he first showed symptoms, he had felt increasingly unwell, concerned that his leg was swollen, red, and painful and felt hot. The following day he had collapsed and had been taken to hospital.

He was questioned about recent travel plans but these were dismissed as being too long ago to be relevant. His blood pressure was also checked and recorded as being low.

Although some comments had been made by medical staff that he might be suffering from DVT, he was eventually diagnosed with suffering from cellulitis and prescribed antibiotics before being discharged.

Misdiagnosis of DVT

Just a few days later, he collapsed and was rushed to hospital again. Sadly, on this occasion, medical staff were unable to revive him. Cause of death was a pulmonary embolism as the result of deep vein thrombosis.

Symptoms described by the deceased were classic symptoms of DVT and should have been easily recognised by medical staff at the hospital. His initial collapse, with no obvious cause, should also have been an indication that something more serious was taking place and should have been investigated further. It is therefore reasonable that a breach of duty took place, directly causing the death of our client's husband.

Blood tests taken both at the time of his initial hospital visit, and a visit to his GP the following day, had not been returned before his death. Had he undergone appropriate imaging at the time of his hospital visit, DVT would have been confirmed and had he been provided with anti-coagulants at that time, he would have made a full recovery, with no affect to his ongoing life expectancy.

Making a medical negligence compensation claim

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