Specialist asbestos compensation lawyers secured six-figure mesothelioma compensation for a plumber
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14th February 2011

Mesothelioma compensation for plumber during his lifetime

When a patient receives a diagnosis of mesothelioma, they know that their life expectancy will be drastically cut short. When we are asked to represent a client in bringing a claim for mesothelioma compensation, we do everything we can to conclude the case as quickly as possible so that during the time they have left, the sufferer has the reassurance of knowing that their loved ones will be financially secure.

Negligently exposed to asbestos dust

A plumber, our client had been routinely exposed to asbestos dust and fibres virtually from the day he started his apprenticeship. His exposure continued for several decades and by multiple employers for whom he worked.

Some of the common situations where our client inhaled asbestos dust included repair and maintenance plumbing work in domestic properties as well as public buildings including schools and community centres. One common activity that resulted in asbestos exposure was the work involved whilst jointing and caulking cast iron drainage pipes. He was also required to cut the collars from asbestos soil pipes whilst fitting new toilet pans. He was also exposed to asbestos when fitting or replacing gas fires. These typically had an asbestos panel with a hole for the flue and had to be sawn by hand to fit, releasing asbestos dust which he inhaled.

Danger of asbestos-related diseases

At no time during this ongoing exposure was our client provided with any equipment such as masks, exhaust extraction or other ventilation equipment. Neither was he made aware of the dangers of inhaling asbestos dust, nor that he would be at risk of developing an asbestos-related disease many years in the future.

Symptoms of mesothelioma

A fit man, only in his 50's, our client first noticed that something was wrong when he became breathless when doing his normal exercise. When it was made known that he had been in contact with asbestos, he was immediately referred to for a chest x-ray that showed fluid around his lung. He underwent a surgical procedure to remove the fluid by inserting a chest drain.

Liability for mesothelioma admitted by employers

Claims were made immediately against three defendants for mesothelioma compensation. The detailed evidence our specialist asbestos compensation lawyers were able to amass forced the employers to admit liability and make an early interim payment. This provided our client with not only funds to compensate for loss of earnings, and the finance to cover the care that he now needed, but also the knowledge and peace of mind that his claim had been accepted by the defendants, his three previous employers.

Unfortunately, the three employers' insurance companies could not agree on the level of compensation. Our specialist asbestos compensation lawyers issued court proceedings quickly and were able to secure a settlement out of court, which reflected the full loss and suffering to our client and his wife, before the case reached trial.

Mesothelioma compensation claim

We have a dedicated team of personal injury lawyers specialising in asbestos-related injuries who are able to offer expert claim advice in what can be very complicated personal injury claims. They have huge experience of such claims and will be happy to answer any questions you may have in plain English.

If you or your family have been affected by mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related disease and would like some advice about how to make a personal injury compensation claim, contact Clear Answers' solicitors on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms, and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

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