Medical negligence compensation - missed scaphoid fracture to wrist - unnecessary corrective surgery
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Home > News > Missed scaphoid fracture results in medical negligence compensation

16th April 2012

Missed scaphoid fracture results in medical negligence compensation

Our specialist medical negligence compensation solicitors were asked to represent this client when he was left with ongoing conditions following negligent medical treatment by the staff at his local hospital.

We were able to secure substantial medical negligence compensation for our client following extensive negotiation with the representatives of his Healthcare NHS Trust.

Initial advice ignored during subsequent hospital visits

When our client had initially visited his local A&E to seek attention for his wrist injury, he was X-rayed and advised that there was a possibility of a scaphoid fracture and that they were going to plaster his wrist and referred him to the fracture clinic.

When he subsequently went to the clinic a few days later, he was again advised that there may be a scaphoid fracture and that a bone scan would be arranged so that he could be given a firm diagnosis.

A few days later however, he was recalled for a repeat X-ray and advised that there was no fracture, that the bone scan would be cancelled and that he should begin to mobilise his wrist.

Ongoing problems required surgical procedure

Some months later, our client continued to suffer pain and stiffness in his wrist. His GP requested further X-rays which showed that there had been a scaphoid fracture that had not correctly healed. He had to undergo surgery to correct his wrist, and required a bone graft with screws inserted to help the correction process. None of these procedures would have been necessary had the follow up visits to hospital correctly confirmed the initial diagnosis of a scaphoid fracture.

Consequences of missed diagnosis and unnecessary surgery

Instead of what should have been a relatively short recovery period, our client suffered several months not only in pain and discomfort, but with the difficulty of dealing with normal household and domestic tasks, for which he had to rely on the support of family to assist him. His condition meant that he was unable to drive for some months.

As a result of this medical negligence, our client has undergone unnecessary surgery, which has left him with metalwork which may require further surgery for its removal or replacement in the future. In addition, still a young man, he will suffer ongoing pain and discomfort for the rest of his life.

Healthcare Trust medical negligence denied

We brought this medical negligence compensation claim against the Trust on the grounds that they had failed to identify or treat the fracture correctly, and gave incorrect, damaging advice to our client to begin to mobilise his wrist. They also failed to follow through with the arranged bone scan or other follow-up procedures.

It was only towards the end of the negotiations that the Trust belatedly admitted liability, avoiding the need to take this case to court in order to secure fair medical negligence compensation for our client.

Compensation claim for medical negligence

Have you or a member of your family suffered as a result of medical negligence? For more information about our service or for advice about whether we can assist you with a medical negligence compensation claim contact us today on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms. One of our representatives will contact you (without obligation) to discuss the matter further within 24 hours (48 hours at weekends) and answer any questions you may have regarding a claim.

Please go to our Costs and Risks section for more detailed information on these and how Clear Answers specialist medical negligence lawyers will handle your claim and funding.

Alternative funding arrangements may apply in Northern Ireland due to differing procedures and Law Society regulations.

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