Compensation of£152,000 awarded to soldier seriously injured in Afghanistan - an insult claims his mother
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29th September 2007

Compensation of £152,000 awarded to soldier seriously injured in Afghanistan – an “insult” claims his mother

The maximum award payable to injured service personnel is £285,000, almost twice that awarded to Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson. The maximum is only awarded if the injury includes all limbs being lost.

Lance Bombardier Parkinson suffered 37 separate injuries, but his compensation only takes into account the 3 most serious, loss of his legs, brain injury and injury to his arm. His other 34 injuries include fractures to his nose, jaw and pelvis, his skull and cheekbone, and his vertebrae. He also suffered serious injuries to his spleen and chest.

The result of these injuries, sustained when a landmine exploded whilst he was serving in Afghanistan, means that, at only 23, he will need round-the-clock care for the remainder of his life.

His mother is fighting to obtain sufficient compensation to allow them to move to an adapted house that will allow Lance Bombardier Parkinson to live as normal a life as possible, given the severity of his injuries. This is unlikely to be possible on the level of compensation so far awarded.

Deplorably, the maximum amount he could have received had he been the victim of violent crime in the UK, would have been £500,000, payable under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Andrew McDonald of Thompsons Solicitors, commented “The case of Ben Parkinson brings into sharp focus the value we, as a society, truly place on the commitment and sacrifice of the members of our armed forces.

“Had Ben Parkinson been the innocent victim of a road traffic accident, the legal process in the UK would have made sure that there were sufficient funds, millions if necessary, to provide him with the specially adapted accommodation and all the care that he is going to need for the rest of his life.

“As it is, the paltry £152,000 will not begin to address his needs and the burden will inevitably fall upon his family with all the attendant costs, both in financial and psychological terms. This is a thoroughly shameful state of affairs and demonstrates the abject failure of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. The scheme needs an immediate overhaul to place Armed Forces personnel, injured in conflict, on the same footing as any bus driver, teacher, engineer, gardener or nurse who, in civilian life, might sustain such terrible injuries through no fault of their own.

“The price paid for war is always a terrible one, but we should not be asking the maimed and injured and their loved ones to bear such massive costs.”

A campaign is being launched which claims that the government is failing in its historic duty of care to provide support and compensation for troops injured in the service of their country. The Broken Covenant campaign is being launched by the Royal British Legion.

The MOD is currently reviewing the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

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