Extensive personal injury compensation for husband’s negligent exposure to asbestos materials
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Home > News > Metalworker's widow receives mesothelioma compensation

6th July 2009

Metalworker's widow receives mesothelioma compensation

When her husband, who had already contacted us regarding making a claim for personal injury compensation, died of mesothelioma, our client asked us to continue to represent her in bringing a claim for compensation for the death of her husband from an asbestos-related disease.

Her husband had not directly worked with asbestos but had been exposed to asbestos dust by his employer during his employment as an apprentice sheet metalworker in the 1960’s. Despite the employer initially denying liability, when our specialist asbestos solicitors brought court proceedings, we were able to secure a settlement of almost £150,000 in mesothelioma compensation.

The effects of mesothelioma

Our client’s husband had suffered from shortness of breath for many months leading up to his death. He underwent painful, invasive surgical procedures before he was diagnosed as suffering from mesothelioma. He then had to undergo several sessions of chemotherapy before having further surgery followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which caused side effects, including nausea and fatigue. He also had to endure many uncomfortable procedures to drain the fluid on his lungs.

He was naturally very distressed on being told of the diagnosis, and sadly, he eventually died from this tragic, preventable asbestos-related disease.

Exposure to asbestos

His exposure had taken place as he worked alongside tradesmen engaged in cutting, handling and installing asbestos sheets during two construction projects on the site where he was employed. He had further exposure to asbestos dust during demolition work, also to buildings on the site where he worked, when the tradesmen used power saws to cut through asbestos walls. During these two periods of work, our client’s husband was negligently exposed to, and inhaled, significant amounts of asbestos materials released into the atmosphere.

Additional work was undertaken by tradesmen to the roof of the premises, which resulted in asbestos material falling into the working areas. Our client’s husband was exposed to the asbestos dust as the clearing of that material took place.

Negligently exposed to asbestos dust

The defendant was at fault as they failed to provide any warnings about the possible risk of developing an asbestos-related disease, or provide any protective equipment such as masks or respirators etc.

They also failed to ensure that the construction work being carried out was done under a safe system of work. These failings exposed our client’s husband to an entirely foreseeable risk of injury.

Making a mesothelioma compensation

Clear Answers’ lawyers, who specialise in claims involving mesothelioma, have a reputation for fighting to obtain the maximum personal injury compensation for people who suffer from an asbestos-related disease as a result of negligence.

Our teams of asbestos-related disease experts are waiting to help you should you decide to instruct us to represent you in your mesothelioma claim. We will be happy to provide you with expert legal advice, to answer any questions you may have regarding your personal injury claim and to talk you through the claims process in plain English.

Please ring us on 0800 783 9019 and speak to one of our advisers if you or a family member is suffering or has suffered an asbestos-related disease. Alternatively, please complete one of our on-line compensation claim forms and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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