Fear of Personal Injury from Cosmetic Surgery
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14 February 2006

Fear of Personal Injury from Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery and Clinical / Medical Negligence

Growing Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery is now more popular than ever before and it has been reported that in 2005 alone, approximately 22,000 procedures were carried out in the UK. The majority of the surgeries are carried out by private surgeons and in 2005; approximately £225 million was spent on cosmetic procedures.

The most popular surgeries include breast implants, face lifts, nose-reshaping and fat reduction operations. There are also many procedures carried out which do not require the traditional "surgery" and are carried out using injections or lasers.

Regulating the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Most cosmetic procedures are carried out by professional and conscientious surgeons who take the utmost care of their patients before, during and after their surgery; however, there are others who think of themselves simply as businessmen and do not care for their patients in the same way.

A report by the Chief Medical Officer in 2005 found that surgeons who practiced cosmetic surgery only were less likely to have registered with the General Medical Council [GMC]. Registration with the GMC is only compulsory where a surgeon has started their business after 2002, and only if they carry out traditional "surgery" rather than other procedures for example involving lasers and injections. It is, therefore, possible that there will be surgeons performing operations who are not registered with the GMC at all.

Risks of complications during Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Obviously, there are risks when undergoing any surgery and cosmetic treatments are no different; the procedure may require actual "surgery", or simply an injection or laser treatment.

Common problems after cosmetic surgery include:

• Infections and persistent bleeding; which are not rectified immediately due to poor after-care.
• Untreated infections, which lead to emergency surgery being carried out - possibly leaving additional scarring.
• Uneven or lop-sided breast implants.
• Unexpectedly large and visible scarring.

If you have suffered any form of injury as a result of your cosmetic surgery or if the surgery has simply not gone according to plan, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Making a Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Clear Answers' Solicitors, Thompsons have been dealing with personal injury claims for Cosmetic Surgery blunders for many years now and have noticed an increase in the number of clients contacting them.

Examples of some of the cases Clear Answers' Solicitors have handled include a person who suffered from a botched nose job who was awarded £9,700 and a woman who was left with horrific scarring following a breast reduction procedure who was awarded £45,000.

Clear Answers' Solicitors are specialists in dealing with all types of personal injury claims and are particularly experienced in dealing with victims of clinical / medical negligence from cosmetic surgery procedures which have gone wrong.

If you would like advice about your particular circumstances, you can speak in confidence to one of our expert lawyers. You can request advice from either a male or female lawyer. Telephone Clear Answers on 0800 783 9019, complete one of our online claim forms or send an e-mail to

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