Government have restored right to claim full compensation for mesothelioma
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19th July 2006

Government have restored right to claim full compensation for mesothelioma

History of claims for deadly asbestos-related disease

On 3rd May 2006 we reported that the House of Lords had made a ruling which meant that victims of mesothelioma and their families would no longer be able to claim full compensation.

The decision was made after certain insurance companies appealed to the House of Lords that they should not have to pay full compensation in cases where the victim worked for more than one company who exposed them to asbestos and not all of the companies could be traced or were insured.

We then reported on 20th June that the Government had realised how unfair the ruling was and were planning to reverse the decision made by the House of Lords to restore the right to full compensation.

Full compensation can now be claimed for mesothelioma

Clear Answers has welcomed the news today that the Compensation Bill has now been amended and not only will all future claimants be entitled to claim the full amount of compensation they deserve but victims whose cases were heard over the last few weeks can now apply to the court again to have their cases reviewed to seek the full value of their claim.

In some cases, the shortfalls were enormous and one widow from the North East of England was left with £100,000 less than she was entitled to after her husband died of mesothelioma.

Ian McFall, Head of Asbestos Litigation at Clear Answers' specialist lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors said "The House of Lords decision devastated many mesothelioma sufferers and their families around the country.

"I congratulate the Government for moving swiftly to give certainty to claimants."

"It is a monumental step in the fight to ensure mesothelioma victims again have access to the justice they deserve."

Compensation Advice

Clear Answers' lawyers specialising in Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases are able to offer further guidance on likely damages to anyone suffering from an asbestos-related illness, to the families of sufferers, or to anyone who suspects that they or a member of their family may be suffering from, or may have suffered from a work-related asbestos disease.

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