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Nicholas Seymour - Personal injury solicitor

Plymouth senior occupational disease and accident at work solicitor

Nick has many years experience in successfully concluding personal injury and accident compensation claims. As a team manager, he enjoys mentoring and sharing that knowledge with his team, who also provide the full range of legal services to their clients across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

The Plymouth office, and Nick in particular, have experience in all types of accidents at work such as slips, trips and falls, being hit by falling objects, and injuries caused by faulty machinery.

In addition, he has successfully concluded many cases that involve occupational diseases caused either through exposure to hazardous substances, or through the negligence of an employer in providing or maintaining equipment such as vibrating tools. Cases have included clients who have developed asthma, industrial deafness or HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) sometimes know as vibration white finger, and Nick is the supervisor for such cases in the Plymouth office.

Nick, a Plymouth solicitor, has an extremely approachable style and believes in forming good relationships with his clients so that he can understand their circumstances and adopt the best method to secure the best outcome for their case. This may often include working on a consensual basis with insurers in order to secure the needs of his clients, such as interim payments to allow them to begin courses of physiotherapy, or essential rehabilitation.

However, if he establishes that an assertive approach is what is required, he has no hesitation in using his strong negotiation skills to achieve the right outcome for his client.

Nicks flexibility, tenacity, extensive knowledge and experience across the spectrum of the personal injury compensation law will ensure he obtains the maximum compensation for you and your family.

Nick is a member of several local support and legal organisations, including

Successful compensation claims

Below is just a small sample of many cases for which Nick has won accident compensation or occupational disease compensation for his clients.

Work accident compensation claim – Amputation

This client, Mr Kolaszt, suffered a traumatic accident at work that required the amputation of the lower half of his leg at the scene of the accident. Whilst operating a wrapping machine, Mr Kolaszt was standing between two drive shafts. His shoe became entangled in one of the turning drive shafts and dragged it, and his leg, into the machinery.

Whilst this was traumatic enough, Nick’s client had to endure several minutes of agony and distress whilst his colleagues sought to find and operate the emergency stop button. All the while, his leg was being drawn deeper into the machine. By the time the paramedics arrived, they had no alternative but to amputate his leg below the knee.

For some time after the accident at work, and operations to correct as much of the damage as possible, it was thought that Mr Kolaszt would need to have more of his leg removed due to the frequent infections he suffered. However, eventually this was brought under control and he retained his knee, for which he has been fitted a prosthetic limb.

The outcome of this accident at work was that his employers, the defendant, were prosecuted for breaching health and safety regulations. The defendant admitted liability for his accident, and Nick was able to negotiate in excess of £600,000 in work accident compensation for Mr Kolaszt.

Occupational disease compensation claim – dermatitis

A machine operator, Nick’s client was employed to manufacture items that required immersion in Glycerine to improve the sharpness of the cut. When his client began to experience symptoms of itchy rashes, she visited her GP and was provided with various creams until eventually she was diagnosed with dermatitis and given steroid cream.

This helped a little but did not eradicate the rashes. Her employer was sympathetic at first and allowed her to temporarily transfer to another part of the plant that did not involve working with Glycerine. Her condition improved but she was then put under pressure to return. When she did so the rashes returned and she was advised not to continue working where she would be exposed to Glycerine.

Although gloves and arm sleeves were provided, they were uncomfortable and had to be removed frequently for other tasks she had to perform. It was common for operators not to use these, and well-known by her employer that this was the case. Glycerine would also drip down into her safety shoes and contaminate her clothing, causing rashes on her feet and body.

Although his client is free of the skin rashes for most of the time, she has been left with sensitivity to other products such as face cream and certain types of liquids or detergents, which cause her symptoms to flare up even when not exposed to Glycerine.

The defendant refused to negotiate a settlement and Nick was forced to issue court proceedings on behalf of his client. Before the trial date however, Nick was able to negotiate a substantial sum in occupational disease compensation for his client.

Work accident compensation claim – Head injury

Nick was asked for his accident at work claim advice by this client when she suffered at head injury at work. She worked in a manufacturing environment as an administrator. The area in which she worked had a low ceiling height, which was crossed by low beams. Although hard hats were available, neither Nick’s client nor her colleagues were in the habit of wearing them, a practice known to their employer.

The beams had not been protected with any foam or cushioning and on the day of the accident at work, Nick’s client hit her head on one of the beams as she rose from her chair. Several other accidents of a similar nature had occurred but the defendant, her employer, had taken no action to remove the risk of injury to his employees.

Nick fought this work accident compensation claim on the basis that it was unreasonable to expect a desk-based employee to wear protective headgear whilst sitting at a desk, because of the surrounding roof height.

Although the defendant denied liability initially, they eventually accepted this, and Nick was able to negotiate an acceptable settlement for his client.

Comments from accident compensation clients

Here are just a few expressions of grateful thanks from clients following Nick’s successful handling of their accident compensation claim.

“I am very satisfied with the professional way the case was caried through to a successful outcome.”
Recipient of accident compensation

“Thank you once again for your advice, support and handling of this case. I am glad that we will have prevented this happening to somebody else, though you were right of course, it would have been much better had the accident not happened at all. All the best.”
Recipient of work accident compensation

Making a compensation claim

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