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Personal injury claim types

Our personal injury lawyers form the most experienced personal injury law firm in the country. They have set important recent legal precedents in personal injury accident compensation claims. We offer access to lawyers with over 90 years experience of acting only for injured people with a national database of experts to support your claim.

Strict time limits apply to making a claim for any type of personal injury, so please contact an experienced solicitor as soon as you think you may have a claim for compensation.

Whatever your injury claim, we have specialist teams across the country to give you expert claim advice. Visit our information and advice section or our section giving guidance on gathering information and evidence should you be involved in an accident and believe you may have a valid accident claim.

Clear Answers have teams of experts specialising in following personal injury claim types:

Accident claims

Accidents can and do happen anywhere. An accident which takes place in an hotel, for example, may be a work accident but may equally be an accident involving a member of the public. The status of the injured person will dictate which of the areas of legislation will apply when making an accident compensation claim.

More about accidents which happen in hotels, restaurant, shops and stores, and many other locations

Accidents at work:

Our lawyers form the most experienced personal injury law firm working for those injured at work. We have an unmatched history of pioneering cases for workplace victims and a vast pool of expertise and knowledge from over 90 years history.

More about accident at work compensation claims

Asbestos - related claims:

Clear Answers' specialist asbestos compensation lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors have a long and honourable record of fighting for the rights of asbestos injury victims in the UK and overseas.

If you or someone you know has contracted mesothelioma or any other asbestos related disease, contact Clear Answers for advice about making a claim for compensation. We ensure that the service you receive will be of the highest professional standard and is delivered by sympathetic experts at all times for asbestos claims.

More about asbestos-related diseases

Harmful substances:

If you have an injury from something in the environment, such as a chemical, we can offer you advice from lawyers who have established the leading recent case in the UK for those injured by exposure to chemicals and other hazards at work (see industrial diseases below). We can use this expertise in cases outside the workplace for those injured by toxins or other substances in the environment.

More about injuries caused by harmful substances

Industrial diseases:

We believe our lawyers have established the most important recent legal precedent for those harmed at work by substances which cause injury. In the case of Dugmore v Swansea NHS Trust (2003) we successfully argued that whenever a safer alternative to something that has caused injury is available at work, the employer must be liable for the damage done,even if they could not foresee the harm which was going to be done. In this case a nurse had suffered dermatitis from working with latex gloves.

This is a very important argument for those injured through exposure to substances at work and is a good example of our positive, ground-breaking approach.

We are also specialists on personal injury claims from long term exposure to harmful work, such as V.W.F. or hearing loss claims

More about industrial disease compensation claims


You may suffer an injury through an accident, exposure to harmful substances, the development of an industrial disease, or through medical negligence. We can help you win compensation for your injury, or for complications and further injury as a result of medical negligence during your treatment.

More about injury compensation claims

Medical negligence:

If something has gone wrong in your medical treatment or care and you have suffered injury, our medical negligence team can advise if you have a claim and how to pursue that compensation claim.

More about medical negligence compensation claims

Military claims:

we have specialist lawyers for any claims arising from the armed services. They can advise on recent important changes in this law, especially the important new rulings on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cases.

More about injury claims against the MOD

Product liability:

If you have been injured by faulty goods, we can explain this complex area of law to you and, if you have a reasonable claim, give you access to experts to assist your personal injury claim.

More about accident compensation claims related to product liability

Public liability:

If you have had an injury outside the workplace which is the fault of another, for example tripping in the street, an accident on holiday or at school our teams which form the most experienced personal injury law firm in the country can guide you through the laws which apply.

More about accidents which involve public liability claims

Road traffic accident claims:

We have a specialist team to process your injury claim from a road accident to secure the maximum fair compensation in the quickest possible time. Our nationwide database of experts help us to achieve this.

More about accident compensation claims for road traffic accidents

Serious injuries and serious accidents

The causes of serious injuries are many and varied, and may include road traffic accidents, accidents at work, accidents in a manufacturing environment, a road accident related to your work, assaults in the workplace, slip, trip or fall accidents, and many other varied circumstances.

More about serious injuries and serious accidents

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