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Illness or injury on holiday in the UK or abroad

Personal injury compensation claim advice

Holidays are usually a happy experience, but sometimes accidents happen or illness intervenes.

Holiday accident compensation for client who slipped on manhole

Our client was on holiday with her family in the UK; it had been raining and the ground was wet. Whilst walking with her children through a pedestrianised area, towards an activity, our client slipped on the wet surface of a manhole cover and suffered bruising to her legs and shoulder. Although not serious, her injuries meant that she could not weight bear for several days and her family holiday was completely ruined.
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More holiday accident news stories

Select one of the links below for more information and to see how Clear Answers may be able to help you bring a successful compensation claim.

Package Tour Regulations 1992

If you or a member of your family has suffered a holiday accident or contracted an illness on holiday abroad during the course of a package holiday, you may be able to bring a personal injury claim for compensation. Package tour operators have strict responsibilities under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992.

For example, if you suffer food poisoning as a result of a meal in your hotel, or if the bed collapses causing you injury, and in many other circumstances, you could be entitled to travel accident compensation, and the personal injury compensation claim can be brought against the tour company direct in the English or Welsh courts.

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What to do if you suffer an illness abroad, or a holiday accident

If an accident abroad happens, always keep a record and take photographs if possible; take the names and home addresses of witnesses; keep evidence of doctors visited and treatments, and keep receipts for any injury related expenses.

If your injury has nothing to do with your package holiday as such, or you have made your own travel arrangements, an accident claim may still be possible. For example, if your travel is work related, you may be able to bring a claim for accident at work compensation.

If you or a family member is taken ill whilst abroad, and this is the result of someone’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer illness whilst on holiday, such as food poisoning, try to make a record of the circumstances which led to your condition. If you can, find out if other holidaymakers have also been taken ill and keep a record of their names and home addresses. Keep a record of any visits to or from a doctor, or any expenses incurred for medicines or hospital visits.

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Rules for pursuing holiday illness compensation claims abroad

It is always important to obtain prompt specialist advice from lawyers who have experience in dealing with personal injury compensation claims in other countries. The time limits for claiming, the rules which govern claims and the way in which compensation is assessed, vary from country to country.

Clear Answers specialist lawyers will be able to advise you whether a claim for personal injury compensation is possible and can give guidance and assistance on how a holiday illness claim can be pursued.

Please visit our section on information and advice for more details on making a personal injury compensation claim.

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Road traffic accidents abroad

Clear Answers Solicitors can offer expert legal advice if you have been involved in a car accident abroad. You may have the right to seek road traffic accident compensation if another party can be identified who was responsible for the accident.

Some countries have specific conditions and legislation which come into play when making a claim for road accident compensation. Please visit our Road Traffic Accidents Abroad section for more details.

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Holiday illness news stories

Clear Answers' solicitors deal with a large number of all types of travel illness and travel accident cases each year. Below are just a couple of news stories which may be of interest to you. To view the full story, just click on the link below the item. Or visit our News Section to view these stories and other successful personal injury accident compensation claims that Clear Answers' solicitors have been involved in.

Families affected by E-Coli to take part in the inquiry

An inquiry into the recent E-Coli outbreaks has been launched, led by George Griffin, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Medicine at St. George’s University of London.

The total number affected by the outbreaks currently stands at 87 and families of those affected are being asked if they wish to take part in the investigation. The outcome of the investigation will be made available to the public.
More about Families affected by E-Coli to take part in the inquiry.

Your legal rights if you are infected with the E-Coli virus

There have been several recent outbreaks of E-coli in the press that are causing people great concern.

As the third farm closes in the UK from a suspected E-coli outbreak, people are likely to become more cautious about visiting farms, and concerned that they may come into contact with the bacteria.
More about Your legal rights if you are infected with the E-Coli virus

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Successful holiday illness and accident cases

Our client was on holiday with his wife, his 17-year-old son and his daughter. He arranged to share a room with his wife and son, and was assured that there would be three adult beds in the room when booking the holiday.

When he arrived at the hotel, our client found the third bed was a folding camp bed. The folding bed was wedged between one of the single beds and a wall. To climb on and off the bed, he had to shuffle down to the end of the bed on his bottom. He complained about the bed on arrival but nothing was done.

He chose to sleep in the camp bed as he was smaller than his six-foot son. On the first night, he shuffled to the end of the bed on his bottom to get off it, and three of the bed slats collapsed under him, causing him to fall through the bed onto the floor, suffering serious injuries to his back.

The case was issued against the tour operator Thomsons.

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Holiday illness useful website links

A number of websites are available which will provide useful information if you have suffered an illness or travel accident whilst travelling abroad, or are planning to travel abroad. Please click on the links below:

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Holiday illness compensation claims

Telephone us now on 0800 783 9019 or one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible if you complete one of our online compensation claim forms.

Different rules may apply in other countries if your claim is pursued outside the Courts of England and Wales. Before any costs are incurred, we will provide appropriate advice and each case will be reviewed on its own merits.

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