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Picture of Rachael and her mum

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Rachael was scarred in a cycling accident

“We were offered more than double the original amount”

Dawn Smith, mother of Rachael

“My daughter, Rachael, my husband, my son and myself were cycling, on our way to a day out at the Eden Project.
We were descending a steep hill, heading towards the ticket office.
But it had a sharp curve at the bottom and we had to brake hard on loose gravel.
Rachael skidded and fell over…She began to scream…
The back of her right hand was cut right through to the bone, and on her left hand a lot of the skin had been pushed back off the knuckles.
She had banged her head and her mouth, loosening one of her teeth.
Mobile paramedics arrived very quickly.
We took Rachael to the local hospital.
The wounds began to heal, but the scars on her hands remained, and… I wondered if she might be entitled to some compensation, as we felt she would have permanent scarring on her hands.
Thompsons have been incredibly helpful right from the start.
They always talked to Rachael first.
They soon informed us that there was case for making a claim.
We were offered a settlement but Thompsons advised us to reject this.
They arranged for Rachael to be seen by a medical expert, this is when we realised Rachael would have permanent scarring on her hands.
Another offer was made.
We went with a Thompsons representative to see a judge in chambers in an Infant Approval Hearing.
He said the amount offered was not enough.
He advised us to visit a barrister for further guidance.
Thompsons arranged a visit to a very nice barrister, who also talked with Rachael first.
She also felt the psychological distress at having permanent scarring would always be there, and when Rachael would wear an engagement or a wedding ring the scars would cause comment.
She sent us details of similar cases and compensation amounts, mostly for cosmetic injuries, and recommended us of the approximate amount we should accept.
Finally in Spring of this year we went to another hearing with a Thompsons representative and their barrister.
We were offered more than double the original amount, and it’s all thanks to Thompsons!
They were professional, friendly and very, very efficient!
I’m very pleased with that, delighted, and the money is being held in trust for Rachael until she’s 18.”

Dawn Smith (Mother of Rachael)

Any mention of cost free, 100%, no win no fee, etc. is referring to pre 1st April 2013.

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