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Road traffic accidents that we have dealt with

Examples of compensation claims we have won

Below is just a small sample of road traffic accident claims we have successfully fought, and won accident compensation for our clients. If you would like to see more examples of our experience and involvement in important campaigns, please go to our News Section which is updated regularly.

JCB Driver Awarded Road Traffic Accident Compensation After His Vehicle Was Hit In The Rear At Speed

Our client asked for our road traffic accident advice when he was involved in an RTA during his work as a JCB driver. He was driving his vehicle down a busy main road at its top speed of about 20 miles per hour. The defendant, wishing to get past tried to overtake the JCB at speed but collided with the rear of the JCB.

The force of the impact caused our client to be jerked backwards, and the digger to be propelled into a nearby tree-lined bank. It hit the bank with some force, jerking our client forward this time, though fortunately he was wearing his seatbelt, otherwise the injuries might have been considerably worse. Police and ambulance were called to attend this road accident and our client was taken immediately to hospital where he was X-rayed. Although nothing was broken at the time, he was unable to return to work for several weeks due to the pain from his injuries.

In constant pain from his neck and back, our client was given painkillers for some considerable time, and even paid to have physiotherapy. This helped initially but did not provide complete relief. He then began to experience pins and needles in his head, arm and leg. Referred to a Consultant Rheumatologist, our client underwent an MRI scan, which led to his being prescribed a course of epidural injections. Although some help, the relief is quite short-lived and he has been advised that his problems appear to be related to a disc and the injections are likely to be required on a permanent basis.

His neck pain continues to cause discomfort, particularly at night, affecting his sleep. Driving also causes difficulty, particularly reversing. Although he returned initially to work, our client was unable to continue and has been unable to work since shortly after the road traffic accident. He has now been advised that it is unlikely he will be able to continue driving the type of vehicles he had previously been employed to drive.

The defendant admitted liability for the road traffic accident and our personal injury lawyers, who specialise in RTA compensation claims, were able to secure well over £100,000 in road traffic accident compensation.

Client seriously injured in a road traffic accident receives a substantial sum in successful compensation claim

When still only in his late 40’s, our client, Mr Paul Jones, was a fit and active man, enjoying his job as an electrical engineer, which he had been doing for many years. He looked forward to continuing in this line of work until retirement, as he enjoyed the variety and flexibility his job afforded him, involving as it did, travelling around and working at many different locations and facilities.

Mr Jones’ usual routine was to collect a colleague in the work’s van, before heading off to the day’s activities. On a particular morning in 2001, this was all to change, due to the negligent driving of the defendant, which resulted in a tragic car accident and tragic consequences for Mr Jones.

As he loaded items into the back of the van, Mr Jones was hit from behind by the car driven by the defendant, crushing his legs, and leaving him with such extensive injuries that both legs had to be amputated. Surgeons fought hard to save one of his legs but this proved to be impossible. He was also advised that he had actually been lucky in that the injuries he did sustain in this horrific road traffic accident could so easily have resulted in permanent paralysis.

Mr Jones also received a severe blow to his head during this car accident, which left him with memory problems and drastically affected his confidence both in his social life and potential work environments. With his chosen profession now closed to him, he was forced to consider retraining, but even had his physical injuries been slightly less extensive, he would have found great difficulty in obtaining and holding down any type of job, particular office work, which had been suggested to him. However, given his mental state of mind, he found himself in the situation of admitting that as a result of this road traffic accident, he would never be able to work again.

In the immediate aftermath of the car accident, Mr Jones was treated in several hospitals, underwent several surgical procedures as the surgeons fought to save his second leg, and then improve the site of his amputations to allow the use of prosthetic limbs. He was eventually allowed to go home under the care of his wife and family. During his treatment in hospital, and then as an outpatient, he was provided with a wheelchair, prosthetic limbs and for a while, a course of physiotherapy.

Some 3 years following his discharge from hospital, Mr Jones was advised that, due to his hard work and dedication, he had reached an acceptable level of recovery, but because of this, no further funds were available at the hospital to allow his physiotherapy treatment to continue. Without this vital support, and the facilities to continue his exercise regime, his physical condition deteriorated quickly, and he became unable to take advantage of the prosthetic limbs, becoming totally wheelchair bound.

He soon realised that his injuries had changed his entire life and that of his family. His wife had become a full-time carer and he was anxious that his care be done at least in part by professionals, in order that she could return to the role of wife and not the primary carer, at least for some of their time together. There was considerable stress on his wife, who had had to give up her part-time work to be permanently on-call to deal with all his needs, particularly during the night, when the pain in his legs was often at its worst, causing sleep disturbance and trauma.

His family home was completely unsuitable to accommodate the wheelchair and other aids, which he would require to lead as normal a life as possible. They set about finding something more suitable, which came with the purchase of a bungalow not too far from their current home. Not only would this property allow Mr Jones to retain his circle of friends, as well as some degree of independence, but also it had sufficient space to accommodate residential care at night and in the future, as his dependence was bound to increase as he aged. There is also enough space to allow the construction of a small home gym, which will allow Mr Jones to undertake regular exercise in the comfort and privacy of his own home. This will be an excellent way for him to maintain his overall fitness and sense of wellbeing.

He also had to purchase a second car which he had to have adapted so that he could drive it himself, leaving the family car for his wife’s use.

Although the defendant was prosecuted for the car accident, and he finally admitted liability for Mr Jones’s injuries, the insurers were reluctant to agree an acceptable settlement, or acknowledge how extensive his needs were likely to be in the future. It was necessary to retain several experts in various fields related to the care and wellbeing of disabled individuals, in order to demonstrate the full extent of his injuries and ongoing care requirements.

When no reasonable settlement was forthcoming, our personal injury solicitors were forced to issue Court Proceedings. However, just days before the hearings in relation to this road traffic accident compensation claim were about to begin, a settlement was agreed and we were able to secure a substantial sum in compensation for his road traffic accident injuries. Mr Jones received 100% of these damages and our costs were paid by the defendant’s accident insurance.

The successful financial conclusion of this case allowed Mr Jones to finally move into the adapted property and resume a physical exercise regime, and he now looks forward to being able to regain the use of the prosthetic limbs, which will give him some degree of independence.

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Traffic Warden Knocked Down By Driver

For over 16 years, our client had been a Traffic Warden in a number of locations around the UK. She was used to abusive and rude behaviour, but nothing had prepared her for what happened one day in 2004 during her routine duties. Supported by her union, our personal injury solicitors were asked to handle this injury claim.

During her normal route, our client was in the process of issuing a ticket when she was deliberately knocked down by the driver of the vehicle. Fortunately, this traffic accident was witnessed by several passers-by, as well as a driver going in the opposite direction. Their quick thinking ensured that the keys were removed from the car to prevent the driver’s escape, whilst another passer-by went to the aid our client and moved her out of further danger. She radioed for help and assistance arrived, arrested the driver and took him away.

She was taken to hospital but though she had sustained extensive injuries all over her body she was released without being given an x-ray. As she was leaving the hospital, she felt unwell again and was taken back into the hospital suffering from shock and concussion.

Several weeks later however, the injuries to her knees had not improved and after returning to her GP, she was referred again to hospital for an x-ray where it was found that she had chipped a bone in her knee and had possible ligament damage to both knees.

After the accident, she was unable to go bowling, to enjoy country dancing or to go for long walks as she had previously done. Our client has understandably been depressed and has received counselling to help come to terms with this deliberate attack and put it behind her. Due to the nature of the accident, she continues to suffer from nightmares and flashbacks.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors were successful in fighting this car accident injury claim and were able to obtain compensation of more than £80,000 for this client, injured in the course of her lawful duties.

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£2.5 Million For Man Paralysed In An RTA

We represented an individual who was involved in an horrific road traffic accident in which he was paralysed as a result of the actions of another road user. Our solicitors were able to obtain £2.5 million in compensation for him. This money was vital for our client, as he needed to purchase a specially adapted car and house as a result of his injuries. Our specialist team carefully assessed the financial needs of the injured person to make certain that he could lead the most normal life possible, despite his devastating injuries.

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Pedestrian Injured Whilst Crossing The Road

Another client we successfully represented was a woman injured whilst she was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. She had almost crossed the road when she was hit by a car. She suffered a broken elbow and some tissue damage to her ankles. With the help of our solicitors, she was awarded £14,000 in compensation.

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Whiplash Injury Whilst A Car Stationary At A Roundabout

We also represented a client after she sustained a whiplash injury to her neck whilst her car was stationary at a roundabout. Another vehicle collided with the back of her car and she needed physiotherapy as a result. The case was settled out of court for £3,600.

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Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claim

Contact Clear Answers' personal injury solicitors on 0800 783 9019 if you or a member of your family have been injured in a road traffic accident through no fault of your own. You will be able to speak to one of our advisors who will assess whether or not you have a claim. Alternatively fill out one of our online compensation claim forms.

Strict time limits apply for making a personal injury compensation claim, so please seek expert legal advice as soon as you think you may have a valid claim for compensation.

Please visit our section on information and advice for more details on making a personal injury compensation claim, or our gathering information and evidence section for details on what to do if you are involved in an accident.

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