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Serious injury compensation lawyers

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Gwen Kirby-Dent – Serious injury compensation solicitor

Medical negligence solicitor - London

With many years of experience in dealing with serious injury compensation claims and medical negligence compensation claims, Gwen is a highly respected solicitor. Based in our London office, Gwen has represented clients across the entire South East Region.

Gwen is the Team Manager of the specialist unit which handles serious injury and medical negligence compensation claims through the London office. As such, she is always happy to share her in-depth knowledge with colleagues, and provide mentoring to others in her team.

Many of Gwen’s cases involve high-value, high profile personal injury compensation claims which can take several years to resolve. Her extensive experience has included injuries such as spinal cord injury, head and brain injury, amputations and sadly several fatalities.

On the medical negligence side, her experience ranges from surgical errors such as perforated bowel injuries, to delays in diagnosis or injuries during birth or pregnancy.

Where children have been seriously injured either at or following birth, it may be several years before the final prognosis is known. It is always advisable to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible after an injury or accident particularly as Gwen would like to explore the possibility of an early care package to relieve the stress on the family. Please see our section on limitation periods for more details on making a compensation claim on behalf of a minor

Gwen is often involved with clients and their families for many years and is instrumental not just in obtaining their just compensation but is frequently closely involved in building and setting up the care package that they will require, often for the rest of their life.

Gwen knows that in cases of serious injury, it is vital that the final compensation value takes into account all the elements of care that they may require, such as specially adapted accommodation that may need to include accommodation for live-in carers, or the cost of 24 hour nursing care, and even on-going medical costs where appropriate.

Gwen’s extensive experience in both negotiating these accident compensation settlements, and her proven record of successful cases which she has pursued through the courts, is testament to her determination to obtain the maximum compensation for every one of her clients.

Gwen is a member of several organisations including :

Successful compensation claims for serious injuries and medical negligence

Road accident compensation claim – Pedestrian suffers brain injury

The client in this road accident compensation claim had suffered a serious head injury, as well as several physical injuries, when he was knocked down as he crossed the road. After several weeks in a coma in intensive care, her client was eventually discharged and returned home. His injury, which had severely affected his memory and capacity to concentrate, meant that he was extremely vulnerable and unable to look after himself.

When Gwen was asked to represent this client in bringing a claim for road accident compensation, she also worked with her client’s family and support workers. She was instrumental in setting up the care package and instructing the Deputy resulting in suitable long-term after-care.

She was able to secure a substantial six-figure sum in road accident compensation for her client, and was able to establish a trust fund which would ensure the funds were safeguarded for his future care.

Medical negligence compensation claim – MRSA infection

Gwen was able to secure over £400,000 in medical negligence compensation for this client who was left with a significant disability through negligent treatment in relation to a hip replacement operation.

Her client had already received a replacement hip some years earlier but circumstances meant that he needed a second procedure. Confusion over the equipment needed for the various elements of the procedure, meant that the surgery could not be completed and he was left with an open wound for several days. During this time he contracted MRSA and the protracted period involved in treating this infection, led to his surgical team being unable to carry out the final part of the procedure. He has been left without a hip joint causing a permanent limp.

Road accident compensation claim – Spinal cord injury

This client suffered a serious spinal cord injury when he was involved in a motorcycle accident through the negligence of another road user. He was subsequently classified as a tetraplegic and will require 24 hour care for the rest of his life.

Gwen was determined to secure the maximum compensation to which he was entitled and which would be needed to provide appropriate care and support. After a considerable period in a hospital providing specialist care in spinal injuries, Gwen was able to secure interim payments which enabled his family to purchase a suitable bungalow which could be adapted for his needs and those of his live-in carers.

At the successful conclusion of this case, Gwen secured significant compensation in the form of a lump sum, plus periodic payments which would be linked to the rate of inflation and which would ensure his future care for his lifetime. The overall gross sum which Gwen achieved for her client was £3.2 million.

Comments from grateful clients

Below is just a small sample of the many letters of thanks that Gwen receives every year.

"I was very happy with the service. Everything was made clear to me and was told every step and advised what to do with good advice. I would definitely recommend you to people. "
Recipient of medical negligence compensation after a cosmetic procedure left him permanently disfigured

" Mrs Gwen kirby Dent was my solicitor and she was marvellous. If all your staff are as half as good you will have a very respectable reputation."
Gwen secured road accident compensation for this client who was a pedestrian when she was hit by a car and suffered serious injuries resulting in amputation

" I am vary satisfied with the way my case was handled. I really apreciate all the work put into achieving my successful claim. It was handled very proffesionally and all the advice and guidance given to me was excellent. Thanks to everyone involved in dealing with my case. I would recomend this firm to anyone looking for efficient, proffessional help with any personal injury claim."
This client suffered permanent damage to his hand when the A&E department failed to correctly identify his injury, leading to delay in vital surgery. Gwen secured medical negligence compensation

" my claim against the NHS was satisfactarily settled … a fast and efficient service throughout."
Gwen secured medical negligence compensation for this client when what should have been routine hip replacement surgery left him with a limp and considerable mobility problems

Making an compensation claim for serious injury or medical negligence

Please go to our Costs and Risks section for information on how Clear Answers will handle your claim and funding.

Alternative funding arrangements may apply in Northern Ireland due to differing procedures and Law Society regulations.

Telephone us now on 0800 783 9019 or complete one of our online compensation claim forms, and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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