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Lisa Gunner - Accident compensation solicitor

Serious injury solicitor - Bristol

Lisa is a solicitor who has represented victims of all types of personal injury for many years. She has recently moved into the firm’s Serious Injuries Unit (SIU) in the South West and is based at our Bristol office. When a client who has suffered a serious injury has difficulty travelling, Lisa frequently travels throughout the region to visit them. She specialises in catastrophic cases such as spinal injury, brain injury, amputations and fatal accident claims. She has acted for both children and adults who have suffered serious injury.

The fact that these injuries have life-changing consequences for the victim is always uppermost in Lisa’s mind. She strives to achieve the best possible outcome for each client. She understands that each client, and their families, will have their own particular needs and priorities in coming to terms with the consequences of their accident.

Lisa has won a reputation for being approachable and sympathetic to her clients but a tough negotiator with the opponent. She fights the corner of the injured person tenaciously in order to secure the maximum possible compensation for every client. She will always keep her clients fully informed and involved in the process, particularly as serious injury cases can often take several years to reach a conclusion.

Lisa is a member of the following organisations supportive of victims of serious injuries:

Successful accident compensation claims

Here is just a small sample of the successful serious injury compensation claims which Lisa has fought and won

Work accident compensation claim – Serious hand injury

This client suffered serious injuries to his hand when he was asked to work on a machine for which he had received no training. He had worked for the defendant for a few years but at the time of the accident he had been moved from his usual machine to one he had only worked on a couple of times previously.

A guard which was fitted to the machine masked a hazard and allowed the operator to place his hand too close to the moving rollers. Lisa’s client was manipulating the cardboard when his fingers came into contact with the bottom of the guard and his hand was pulled into the machine. Unable to free himself, her client had to wait until he could be freed by the fire brigade. In such a situation, time is critical to avoid the injured person going into shock. Any further delay would have taken him close to the point where he would have had to have his hand amputated in order to free him quickly.

His injuries were so severe that there was a real risk that he would lose all his fingers. Ultimately, he had to undergo several operations to amputate 3 fingers and repair the damage to his others. These procedures included the removal of a toe to graft onto his hand in an effort to improve his hand function. He has been left with significant disfigurement, scarring and reduced dexterity, both of his hand and foot. The client’s claim included a sum to ensure provision for an active (i-limb digits) prosthesis. Even with provision of this prosthesis he will remain severely disadvantaged in the future labour market.

Lisa was able to secure almost a million pounds in compensation for her client’s serious injuries which have completely changed his life. Following negotiations this substantial settlement was agreed very shortly before the final trial date

Work accident compensation – Hand injury and amputation

Lisa represented this client following his injury in an accident at work. A machine operator who had only recently changed his duties to work in this area, he suffered serious hand injuries when his hand became caught between the roll of paper and the bottom press roller.

Lisa’s client had worked for the defendant for several years before his transfer but had been allowed to operate the machine without completing his full training. Although guards were fitted, the guard was not sufficient to prevent access to the machine.

His injuries included the loss of 3 fingers on his dominant hand, plus the tip of another finger. Surgery to repair the damage was extensive and included taking grafts from his arm. He has been left with scarring at both the graft site and on his hand. Although he has regained some use of his hand, he is left with considerable reduction to his grip and was unable to return to his previous job.

Lisa issued court proceedings when the defendant’s insurers refused to accept any responsibility for the accident. However, she negotiated strongly and was able to secure substantial work accident compensation for her client, avoiding the need to go to trial.

Work accident compensation claim – Slipped and fell causing foot injury

An accident at work which was caused by diesel spilled on the step of a heavy duty vehicle, left Lisa’s client with a serious knee injury and unable to return to his previous work.

He had stepped onto the step of the vehicle when he slipped off the step. He suffered injuries to several ligaments in his knee, as well as sprain injury and extensive bruising to the bone. He was unable to return to his pre-accident job and as a result his employment was terminated. He continues to suffer from chronic pain and instability which has left him unable to find alternative work and considerably disadvantaged in the labour market.

The defendant denied liability throughout the claim. Lisa issued court proceedings in order to bring the case to a conclusion. Shortly before the trial date she was able to negotiate over a quarter of a million pounds in work accident compensation for her client’s injuries and financial losses which included loss of future earnings.

Work accident compensation claim – Slipped on liquid

A machine operator, Lisa’s client was injured when he slipped on a liquid lying in front of the machine he was operating. He fell forward towards the machine and struck his knee against the machine. In danger of being pulled into the machine itself, he was fortunately able to reach out and operate the emergency stop button. His employer had been negligent in failing to carry out sufficient risk assessments to identify the common hazard caused by the leakage of liquid onto the workplace floor.

His knee was extremely painful and swollen and when Lisa’s client later attended the A&E department, he was told he had fractured his knee. Initially he was put in a full leg plaster but later this was replaced with a more flexible alternative. However, he was unable to return to work for several months and has continued to suffer pain from his injury. He frequently suffers from swelling or stiffness if sitting or standing for more than a short time.

Lisa was able to secure substantial accident at work compensation for her client, but not before she was forced to issue court proceedings to bring the defendant’s insurers to the negotiating table.

Work accident compensation claim - Spinal injury

Lisa was forced to issue court proceedings in this accident at work compensation claim. The defendant made repeated requests for extensions and several court hearings were held. However, Lisa was eventually able to negotiate substantial compensation for her client outside of court.

Lisa’s client had been injured when he was reaching up to lift down boxes from a shelf. Since his accident, a platform has now been provided to avoid the need for stretching during these duties. Her client had suffered a significant neck injury, which had accelerated pre-existing symptoms by several years.

Lisa fought this accident at work claim on the basis that her client’s employer had failed to comply with the manual handling regulations, provide a safe system of work, or a safe place of work.

Comments from accident compensation clients

Just a few examples of the satisfaction expressed by clients for whom Lisa has successfully fought for compensation.

"In particular I would like to single out Lisa Gunner, for her professional approach and ability to express matters in layman’s terms. Her constantly keeping me informed as to its progress, and sound advise. Once again Many Thanks."
Recipient of work accident compensation

"Very pleased with the service and advice given. Always keeping me updated with what was going on at each stage and would not hesitate to use you again."
Victim of accident at work, recieved accident compensation

"Thank you for the service that you provided Lisa Gunner was prompt with all correspondence very pleased with the way she looked after me once again thank you."
Recipient of work accident compensation

Making an accident compensation claim for serious injury

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