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Work accident compensation lawyers

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Jeeva Sethu - Work accident compensation solicitor

Dagenham work accident compensation solicitor

Based in our Dagenham office, Jeeva has represented clients across East Anglia and South East England. His particular area of expertise is in handling work accident compensation claims, although his experience since he qualified as a solicitor has included all types of personal injury claims.

Jeeva's work accident compensation clients have included many types of injury from those caused by slips, trips and falls in the workplace, through to serious injuries as a result of negligence by employers. Many work accidents are caused through failure to carry out risk assessments which result in manual handling injuries, falls from height or unsafe working practices.

However, Jeeva has also represented many clients who work in the fire service and who have been injured in work accidents that could have been avoided. The circumstances are often known to be potentially hazardous but insufficient risk analysis can result in devastating injuries.

In addition to his extensive experience of work accident compensation claims, Jeeva has also had considerable success in securing compensation for clients suffering occupational diseases through the negligence of their employer. These can occur through exposure to hazardous substances, such as latex often resulting in dermatitis, or through inhaling products such as flour dust which can cause occupational asthma.

Jeeva, a Dagenham solicitor, has earned a reputation for being friendly and approachable to his clients, particularly as they often find themselves in very difficult and emotional circumstances, with little previous knowledge of the law or the accident claim process. Jeeva always tries to put them at their ease and explain the process as simply as possible.

His understanding and extensive knowledge will ensure that you and your family receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Jeeva is a member of APIL (The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) where he holds Senior Litigator status.

Successful accident compensation claims

Here are just a couple of examples of compensation claims for which Jeeva has recovered work accident compensation.

Work accident compensation claim - Assault at work

Jeeva's client in this serious injury compensation claim had received her injuries when she was attacked by a patient in the nursing suite where she was working. Despite this patient's known history of violent, aggressive and unpredictable behaviour, and several recent attacks by this patient on other members of staff, Jeeva's client was asked to carry out observations where she was required to sit with him for a period of time on her own.

Without warning, he became abusive and began to attack her in a violent and frenzied manner. Her alarm failed to function and it was some time before anyone came to her assistance, by which time she had received significant bruising and other injuries. Naturally, she was also extremely traumatised by her experience.

Jeeva brought this claim for work accident compensation on the grounds that his client's employer had been negligent in exposing her to a foreseeable risk of violence and injury. They had breached several regulations including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992. They had failed to carry out sufficient risk assessments on this particular patient and therefore failed to provide her with a safe place of work.

Her employer's insurers refused to negotiate a suitable settlement and Jeeva was forced to issue court proceedings. However, before the trial date he was able to negotiate substantial work accident compensation for his client's serious injuries and ongoing psychiatric condition.

Work accident compensation claim - Insufficient risk assessment

A fire fighter, this client was required to take part in training exercises as part of his ongoing training and the fire service emergency drills. At the time of his accident at work, Jeeva's client was involved in a drill. His client and another colleague were almost drowned when the boat capsized.

Jeeva brought this claim for work accident compensation on the basis that the employer, the fire service, had failed to carry out sufficient risk analysis before proceeding with the exercise. Following his client's traumatic experience, significant changes have taken place, notably that a second boat would be on standby during the exercise as a precaution should the same situation arise. The original boat used in the exercise has also been deemed inadequate and the incident was the subject of an HSE investigation.

Jeeva argued that the employer had been in breach of several regulations governing the workplace, including Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, amongst others.

Despite the evidence, the other side's insurers refused to negotiate a settlement and Jeeva was forced to issue court proceedings. However, he was able to secure a substantial sum in work accident compensation prior to the trial date.

Comments from work accident compensation clients

Below are just a few examples of comments received each year by Jethu from grateful accident compensation clients.

"Dear Sir/madam, Thank you for all your help, it has been much appreciated. With very best regards."
Jeeva secured accident compensation for this client after he tripped at work and suffered broken ribs and severe bruising

"I found the support offered was more than adequate. when i needed to confirm issues arising i dound that Jeeva was readily available to answer all questions."
This client was exposed to a harmful substance at work which exacerbated his existing asthma condition

"Thank you so much for all your help, …. We are very grateful for all your help. Would certainly recommend …."
Jeeva secured personal injury compensation for this couple when they suffered from food poisoning whilst on holiday

"Very thourgh interview with Mr. Jeeva Sethu and very good advice!"
Jeeva advised this client that his claim was unlikely to be a valid accident compensation claim and it did not proceed

"just to say your highlyb rated. Your time and help was much appreciated."
This client suffered a back injury in a manual handling accident at work and Jeeva secured work accident compensation for his client.

Making an accident compensation claim

Clear Answers' personal injury lawyers are specialists in all types of work accidents, especially those involving assaults or attacks at work. We have teams of experts waiting to help you, should you decide to instruct us to represent you in your claim, Our advisers will be happy to talk to you in plain English, explaining the claims process, and provide you with expert legal advice to answer any questions you may have regarding your claim.

If you or a member of your family have been injured in a work accident through no fault of your own, contact Clear Answers' accident compensation solicitors on 0800 783 9019 and speak to one of our advisors who will be able to assess whether or not you have a claim. Alternatively fill out one of our online compensation claim forms and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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