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Richard Johnson - Accident compensation solicitor

Birmingham work accident compensation solicitor

Richard began his involvement with the law as soon as he left school. Securing 3 A levels, he began working in the litigation department of a Wolverhampton firm and soon began the process of working towards his goal to become a solicitor. Along the way, he obtained first his Legal Executive qualification, and was then admitted as a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives, now Chartered, before eventually qualifying as a solicitor.

Richard, who was based for some time in our Wolverhampton office but now works in our Birmingham office, soon came to realise that his ambition was to specialise in personal injury compensation claims, representing injured people across the West Midlands. Whilst he has experience in all areas of personal injury law, he has considerable expertise in handling claims for serious injury compensation, including compensation claims following fatal accidents and amputations. Much of his experience has been developed through handling work accident compensation claims for clients injured in the heavy manufacturing industries that prevail across the West Midlands.

For two years, Richard was involved in the Powertrain Group Litigation, which is still being handled by colleagues in our Wolverhampton office, and from which Richard gained valuable knowledge of handling complex, multi-claimant actions for accident compensation.

More recently, Richard, a Birmingham solicitor who has represented clients throughout the West Midlands, has focused on handling accident at work compensation claims, many of which have also included serious injuries or fatalities. Such compensation claims have included injuries such as crushing injuries following manual handling accidents; head injuries as a result of being hit by moving or falling objects; fractures caused by slips, trips and falls in the workplace; and even amputations following various types of work accidents.

Among many of his successful accident compensation claims for West Midland's clients, Richard was successful in securing over £360,000 in work accident compensation for a client who had to have his leg amputated below the knee following an accident whilst working on a farm (for more details, read the successful compensation claims below).

Richard's experience of handling fatal accidents at work has included offering advice and representing client's at inquests where the circumstances of the death of a family member are being investigated.

Richard is known to be a good tactician, analysing the circumstances of each case and the legal challenges, building an individual case plan for each compensation claim. This will ensure that he uses the most appropriate approach in dealing with your claim for accident compensation, ensuring that you and your family are awarded the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Successful work accident compensation claims

Below is a small selection of work accident compensation claims that Richard has successfully pursued on behalf of his clients.

Work accident compensation claim - Slipping accident at work

A caretaker at a West Midlands school, had to take several months off work after she slipped and fell on a spill on the school dining room floor. The floor was laid with thermoplastic tiles rather than the non-slip flooring used in the classrooms. Richard's client suffered a fractured anklebone and as a result of this work accident was unable to travel by air and had to cancel a pre-booked holiday abroad.

Her employer, a West Midlands council, denied liability throughout and Richard was forced to issue court proceedings.

The defendant attempted to claim that the area had non-slip flooring, producing evidence to support this. However, the court rejected this argument and accepted that our client had fallen in an area of the school that was known to be slippery when wet. The judge found in our client's favour, awarding several thousand pounds in compensation for the injury she suffered in the slipping accident.

Work accident compensation claim - Crushing injury results in amputation

Richard's client was an agricultural contractor who was awarded over £360,000 after his leg was crushed in a farming accident. Shortly after the accident, Richard's client had to have the leg amputated below the knee.

On the day of the work accident, Richard's client was walking across the farm's premises when a 2.5 ton counter balance fell from a forklift truck, falling onto his leg and crushing it. He was taken to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to try to save his leg. Sadly, it was too badly damaged, and two days later he underwent a below-knee amputation. His home and personal life, have been severely affected by his injuries and on-going care needs.

Richard was able to successfully settle this claim just 12 months after the first meeting with his client. Whilst liability was admitted at an early stage by the insurers, it was important to obtain the right medical and occupational advice in order to consider his client's requirements both now and in the future. As a consequence, Richard was able to secure substantial compensation to reflect the significant loss already suffered, and the ongoing medical and care needs, which may include the need to adapt his property.

Work accident compensation claim - Tripping hazard causes manual handling injury

Richard's client in this work accident compensation claim, a West Midlands warehouse worker, was injured whilst collecting a heavy item of furniture, weighing in the order of 55kg.

Left on top of other furniture, and not easily accessible, Richard's client was forced to move other items out of the way to gain access. Having reached it, his client was moving backwards out of the area. As he did so, he tripped on a flat packed item that had been left in the gangway.

The defendant, his employer, had breached sections of the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations and Manual Handling Regulations, in that they had firstly, allowed the gangway to be obstructed and then, due to a shortage of staff and lack of mechanical assistance, our client was required to move the item by himself.

Richard was forced to issue court proceedings when the defendants refused to admit liability for our client's accident at work. Although the defendants produced a risk assessment, and claimed contributory negligence on the part of our client, the Judge found that the risk assessment was not appropriate and, given that the defendants had breached not one but two separate regulations, dismissed the claim of contributory negligence on the part of Richard's client.

At trial, the Judge found in favour of Richard's client and awarded work accident compensation for his injuries.

Comments from grateful work accident compensation clients

" Successful and fast. Very helpful and kept me informed throughout the whole process."
This client, a bus driver, received road accident compensation when he was injured in a road accident during the course of his work

" I am sure that Mr Johnson had many other cases on the go while he was handling mine, but I was impressed with the personal service I received. Thank you. "
This client received work accident compensation, successfully secured by Richard

" Excellent service."
Richard secured work accident compensation for this client who suffered a crushing injury to his hand

Making a work accident compensation claim

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